BET SHOWS; Tiny & Toya and then some

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So I know I'm not the only one who has seen the non stop commercials of the new BET summer/fall line up of shows. The only one I will probably watch is Tiny & Toya, I'm not even going to hate on the two. The only negative I have is I don't understand why BET couldn't pick up The Game, but they have a list of hot ghetto mess type shows coming out.
I'll probably also tune into Frankie and Neffe's(sp) show. It's all entertainment to me.
I will say this from watching the sneak peek show, I give props to Tiny she's been through a lot with T.I and putting her career on hold. Yes she might come off as ghetto, or just a baby momma but no one knows what goes on with these people behind closed doors. I'm tired of people saying she's ugly, she's a gold digger, they'll never get married, T.I can do better. This, that, and the third. T.I isn't fine as wine himself, trust me I've seen him in person. He's cute and all but nothing to cream over. I think Tiny works for him, and she seems like a cool down to earth female. If she chooses to glamorize and show off how she's living then that's on her. As far as the Toya chick, I don't know her, never really heard of her until now. I just hope the show isn't surrounded around how she can't get over Lil Wayne, cause hunny he's been over you obviously and how many years has it been? I'm just sayinnnng!
I'm sure we all know what to expect from Frankie and Neffie, the same craziness as "The Way It Is."

BET Awards; Brief Review

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So I'm going to make this short and sweet, I have a headache and I think its due to BET.
Lol, no seriously for some reason earlier I was excited for the show, and what BET would put together in tribute to Michael Jackson. I won't say BET disappointed, because for everything to be such last minute and short notice they did good. However I think they knew everyone was expecting so much in regards to Michael Jackson that the entire showed turned into "Michael Jackson." I think either they should of did a entire separate tribute show for him, or did one big performance and kept it to moving. It was just too much and some what busy. You didn't know what to expect, which is a good thing. Although there were mad rumors about who was supposed to perform or make a appearance, overall it made me dizzy.
I think Letoya did good on the pre-show! Matthew Knowles needs to get over himself.
Keyshia & Monica were good, although it seemed as if Monica outshone Keyshia on her own song. Seeing Monica perform, I can officially say Its time and I'm ready for a new Monica Album.
Jamie was a good host, and I don't think anyone could of hosted better.
Beyonce's performance was nice, I don't understand the whole wedding dress costume but overall she did good. A lot of people were thrown off and thought she would of performed a upbeat song like "Single Ladies" or "Diva" hell it would of been nice for her and Kayne to get together and do "Ego."
Tyrese, Trey Songz, and Johnny Gill's performance was nice.
Ne-Yo really killed it tonight as well, I guess him having his hat off during most of the show, showed his respect for Michael.
Lastly, Janet coming out made me realize that Michael is actually gone.

That's basically it, I'm tightt Rick Ross didn't win as well as Jazmine Sullivan.
I was hoping to see Chris Brown and JT, but eehh.
I'm not going to even get into the negatives of the show, I'm sure there as been enough of that on other blogs/sites and twittah. If I missed anything, well it wasn't much to mention.

The Trend Continues

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I don't really understand the point of this one, overall out of the three.
I like La La's the best. Cassie shaved too much, and this just seems random and pointless.
None do it like the originals!
None the less I like Teyana and I'm sure she'll fix it up and rock it well.
She also recently graduated, so congrats to her.
Gotta support a female who fucks with mob & hellz.

pics via; twitter.

Would You Wear This?

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Ciara at the Rap-Up’s 4th Anniversary & Summer Issue Release Party

I think this is one of Ciaras better get-ups. Lately her wardrope choices haven't been such good ones. She doesn't look too bad here, love the skirt and heels.

BET Awards; anticipation

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So if the BET awards '09 wasn't a big thing to look forward to it sure is now.
Due to the tragic and sudden death of the King Of Pop Michael Jackson, I think a lot of people will be tuning in, to see what the tribute will be like. As well as who will be paying respects and specifically doing tribute performances.

One singer who all are hoping to see hit the stage is Chris Brown of course. I'm soo tired of the Chris B. and Rihanna scandal and I feel others should be too. They've went to court, he's sentenced let the man be and continue to make music. I recently thought about JT doing a performance because people always tried to compare him or say he was trying to impersonate Michael. Also besides "Dead & Gone" we haven't heard or seen much from JT. Well I know I haven't!
So overall I will be tuning in to the BET awards tomorrow and I hope BET doesn't disappoint.
Here are my nominee predictions.

Best New Artist
Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi
Ryan Leslie
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Group
GS Boyz
The Roots
Three 6 Mafia

seriously though, I don't mind the stanky leg but they have not proven anyhting to be nominated "best group." Three 6 Mafia? where are they? I would have to say N.E.R.D but because it's BET they'll probably pick Bitchass26

Best Female R&B Artist
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson
Jennifer Hudson
Jazmine Sullivan

This is a hard one, I will say this how can a artist be New and the best. If they're so New have they really proved or shown themselves to be the best. Is the female singers really that scarce.
I would give it to Keyshia Cole, she's proved herself and has grown a lot since she first came out.
Next up, Jazmine then Beyonce, Jennifer and finally Keri.

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist
Lil Wayne
Rick Ross
Kayne West
Young Jeezy

Do we really need to ask this, if Rick Ross doesn't get it I'm going to be tiiight.
Wayne has been on some other shit, I still like him but naah.
T.I is T.I, they better not give it to him on some sympathy type shit.
Tierra Marie said Wayne because of Tha Carter III, good point buttt.
Kayne West and Jeezy have good chances as well, but Rick Ross hands down.

Video of the Year
Beyoncé – “If I Were a Boy”
Beyoncé – “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain – “Blame It”
T.I. f/ Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
Kanye West – “Heartless”

Best Male R&B Artist
Jamie Foxx
Ryan Leslie

Best Female Hip-Hop Artist
Lil Mama

Trina of course, but M.I.A has a good chance too.

Viewer’s Choice
Beyoncé - “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne - “Turnin’ Me On”
Lil Wayne - “A Milli”
Soulja Boy Tell’em f/ Sammie - “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”
T.I. f/ Rihanna - “Live Your Life”
T-Pain f/ Lil Wayne - “Can’t Believe It”
Kanye West - “Love Lockdown”

This is a hard one minus, Soulja Boy. They all were hot songs.
I'm going to have to go with Single Ladies, or Can't Believe it.

Best Collaboration
Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain - “Blame It”
Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne - “Turnin’ Me On”
Jim Jones f/ Ron Browz and Juelz Santana - “Pop Champagne”
T.I. f/ Rihanna - “Live Your Life”
Yung L.A. f/ Young Dro and T.I. - “Ain’t I”

BET J Award
Musiq Soulchild
Raphael Saadiq
Jazmine Sullivan

I don't know what the J award is for, so I'll just throw a guess out there.
Jazmine Sullivan or Solange.

Some categories require little thought while others are hard.
Like I said its BET so it can go in any direction.

The 2009 BET Awards air live on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Would You Wear These; F21

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Milania Basketweave Pump

Gretchen Stud Pumps

I'm sold on the first ones, and plan to copp.
Idk about the second ones, I think its the color I'm not feeling too much.
Would you wear these?

Just One Of those days; Keeping Cool x 200th Post

So this is my 200th blog post, didn't think I would be so into this blogging thing.
I update this blog more than my others, so that says something.
I briefly want to thank all 15 of my followers, as well as the lurkers.
It's another sunny day where I'm at, and unlike the rest of the week I'm just chilllinn my mind and body. Trying to stay cool. I didn't have to work this morning, so that gave me a chance to sleep in. I've did nothing all day, haven't even picked up my check.
Which leads me to point out my twittahh scope;
If your life has become too busy, this is your chance to slow down. Your thoughts have been running all over the map, yet now they grind to a halt because a serious issue demands your total attention. You are able to overcome any problem that appears today, but you must focus on this one issue. Fortunately, redirecting your thinking to a practical matter actually feels good because you must drop all your other mental meanderings and produce tangible results.

On point like always, although I have yet to notice a serious issue, but the day isn't over yet.
One overall issue I have is school and getting my financial aid together.
Talk about a major headache, I doubt I'll end up finding/receiving a scholarship.
So what does that leave, loans and debt!
Plus my mom has been nagging me constantly about how I should change my major which is fashion merchandising/and a minor in Business Administration.
Nothing bothers me more than someone trying to tell me what to do regarding my future.
Yes, I'll listen and even taking certain things into consideration.
I feel like no job is guaranteed, and I'd rather do something I love and make the best of it.
Than dragging myself to work, to do a job that I absolutely find no pleasure in at all because of the money.
Money doesn't always bring happiness, if you ask me.
The situation is deeper than the font I'm typing, but I don't want to bore anyone.
Just a little vent.

I'm going to watch this MJ Tribute at 6pm, then see if my mom still wants to go to Craigs Cruisers. Bumper boats sounds like a way to cool off and enjoy my Friday.


I Still Can't Believe It; Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson, in 1983

It's still hasn't hit me yet that Michael Jackson has passed.
It a tragedy that just overwhelms you with weird feelings.
Online sites and communities have been filled with memories and thoughts on the sudden tragedy. I see celebrities are coming together for tributes and sharing their thoughts on how the the King Of Pop influenced their careers.
People are coming out of the woodwork, The Game, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Usher and Mario Winans have dedicated a tribute song to Michael Jackson, called "Better On The Other Side."
I barely watch television anymore, but I'm sure MTV & VH1 have put together very good tribute shows.
Michael Jackson; A Tribute airs tonight at 6pm on MTV.

Better On The Other Side; Michael Jackson Tribute

Rick Fixx

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On newstands NOW!
Rick Ross suits up for the cover of Rap-Up’s 4th Anniversary Issue.
Discusses growing up, how he became who he is today, as well as his current beef with 50 Cent and Eminem.

Rick Ross is working on album number four, and the title is Teflon Don. The Bawse told us exclusively in Atlanta during the Birthday Bash concert that it’s only right he reflect on his bulletproof success on his next project.

“You gotta understand, I feel like I overcame so many things,” Ross said before he got onstage for the show. “Not only in music, but in my everyday life — being a young black man, being an entrepreneur, being a father. I learned a lot of things. I’m turning right around, putting it back into music. It’s still a lot of things I deal with. Still a lot of negativity. That’s what it is, and that’s why I feel the title of my next studio album is so appropriate.”

Ross said we’ll get the CCC (Carol City Cartel) album Custom Cars and Cycles before his solo record. The collective just put out a remix video for “Yacht Club,” and the official single is coming in July. Deeper Than Rap is far from done, though. The next official single is slated to be “Maybach Music 2,” and a video will be ready as soon as he can get T-Pain, Kanye West and Lil Wayne’s schedules to line up.

Why must people be such followers?
Idk, it just seems like all I hear regarding Rick Ross is negativity.
Okay, him being a officer and lying about it wasn't the best move and may have come to a shock to a lot of his fans but it was the past and that's where it should stay.
I understand if you weren't a big fan to begin with, but to fall back just because you learned of his previous job means you were never a fan in the first place. Then again, I hear mad ppl bumping "Deeper Than Rap" songs and I just laugh because through it all including the beef, he still gets play and he's still making money from the hate. Don't mind me, just a little vent lol.

I'm still playing "Deeper than Rap" faithfully, but to hear he's already working on new albums excites me. Can't wait, until then I'll bang with "Deeper Than Rap"

Rick Ross Feat. Triple C's & Magazeen - "Yatch Club (Remix)"

"Comfortable" Freestyle shot at his house in Miami and the Hit Factory.

Rest In Peace; Michael Jackson

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August 29, 1958–June 25, 2009
Rest in Peace

This is so unexpected, especially because he was only 50.
It's crazy, and best wishes to his family.
The only thing I will touch on is that I see 23192302 tweets and facebook statuses about how he was so loved and an inspiration and all that good stuff. When these same people were the ones labeling him a molester and pedophile. The sames ones who claimed he "lost it." The same ones ones who said he was a tree climber and had lost all his marbles. Of course everyone prefers the "black" Michael, but he's still a great artist, black or white. I just hope that he went in peace, he's been through a lot wheter it be personal or regarding him as an artist.
He's for sure earned his title as "King of Pop."

Agree to Disagree

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I love giving my opinions on things or commenting on others opinions. Whether I'm right or wrong, its simply my opinion; usually I am right. Anyway, I have a select few blogspots that I visit and Dizzy's is one of them I can relate to most of his blogs and he speaks the truth, however I disagree to agree on this.

"Fade off? Yes, some women only want some men to see if they can get them. "

Men are the same way, because what happens when a dude is shot down. "fuck you bitch, you ugly anyway." The difference between males and females is that women may take a second to actually question if she can get the dude which leads to the chase. While men automatically think they have a chance with any female and that their shit doesn't stink.

"I know pretty women who don't respond well to compliments because their not use to it and they often question their looks because a man hasn't stroked their ego enough."

WTF??, that's a first I think when females don't believe in their looks or the compliments they receive its usually deeper than that, I know from experience. Usually they already have self esteem problems or low self confidence, might have suffered from abuse or anything of that nature. Idk about others but I could care less if a dude strokes my ego.

"A woman might get treated like a princess by guy A and like a piece of shit to guy B but she dates guy B because guy A is more like a "friend."

I totally agree on that one, It's a female thing [ shrugs ].

"How many of my woman followers has kicked it with a guy they was interested in while their hair wasn't done, on their period, nails wasn't done, or just felt ugly? NONE"

Lol, I understand his point, but like I will probably forever say.
Not all women are alike, and once AGAIN if a female feels like she needs to impress or always be dolled up to chill around a dude something is wrong with her deep inside. I mean there have been times where, I won't chill with a dude if my hair is a mess. Maybe even if its that time of the month. Usually its personal and has nothing to do with him. And dudes are so quick to throw the "pms" word out there, what female wants to hear that when their cramping like a motherfucker, which leads to arguments and more.
Lastly, a female only does what she believes is right. Yes some dudes don't care what a female looks like while their chilling, as long as when its time to step out she has her shit together. Then again, dudes have a set standard of females. They watch music videos, listen to lyrics and assume that they deserve a video model type chick. Not all males are a like, but a lot are.
and are quick to bounce if the female isn't to their liking.
Because there is always someone out there better than the last, right?
which then leaves a female wondering, what they did wrong, and how to fix and improve the problem.

This is long, and I'm starting to jump all over the place.
Dizzy made a lot of good points that I agree on but these are my opinions and simply that.
Real enough for you?
feel me ?

062509; FINALLY Making Progress!

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Edit; "Don't push others away now just because you want to appear invincible. There's no need to hide, even if you are uncomfortable revealing your vulnerability."
- my horoscopes are always on point.
Today was a good day, I finally got my permit.
weather was unbearable but I made it.
The beach as been the "spot" for the last couple of days and today me and the fam held a BBQ/ kickback. It was coo, until the mosquito's came out.
I'm sitting here filled with thoughts...
school, money, my future, myself, him and everything else.
I'm going to attempt to fall asleep in this hot room.
I would kill for A.C right about now.

Admiration; Coogi Hangbag

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Signature Sweater Bag; Limited Edition

I'm not a fan of urban wear such as Coogi, but I happened to go to Dr.Jays and this caught my attention. I'm a sucker for gold chains and the that color combination, however the price tag leaves me just to admire.

Step Ya Cookies Up; Nicki Minaj x BET

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"Excuse me let me get that brewski, niggas know them bitches can't do it like I dooski!"
The fact that my mom, knows more than one verse by her word for word is enough said.

I'd Like to File A Complaint

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"The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be, It's being content with who we are."

Do you complain a lot ?
It's come to my attention that people hate to complain.
I think its a natural thing because no matter the situation, its always a "but" about something.
For example, when it was raining non-stop, people complained about that; they wanted summer.
Now that it's hot as hell, and summer is showing its ass people want to complain its too hot.

For fathers day, went out to dinner and got stuck next to a table full of ppl who thought they knew everything regarding social networks, such as facebook and twitter and how evil the sites are. Which brings me to another thing, I never understood people who bash social sites but continue to use them. The hell? delete your account, block it, hell do something and shut the fuck up. No one puts a gun to your head. For example Twitter, a lot of ppl complain its pointless and this and that but they still use it faithfully, whyy? It's too much hype, blah blah. When in all actuality twitter is mad old and wouldn't be such a big deal if people didn't make it out to be.

This is my opinion, while it may sound like a is.
Nothing is wrong with complaining, but when you become excessive with it and do nothing about whatever it is you're bitching about then you can't complain to anyone but yourself.
oh and remember while you're complaining about social networks, there's someone in this world who doesn't even own a computer.

peace <3

It's Over

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I was hesitant to post about this, but oh what the hell.
I'm glad its over.
Chris looks tiiight, I wonder what was going through his mind.
and Rihanna looks lovely like always, pearls tho' ok.
I think his sentencing was a bit harsh, "five years of formal probation and six months — roughly 1,400 hours — of community labor"and she doesn't have to do anything.
Not even a domestic violence class.

Plug; DopeMB & SoJones

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Both banners are clickable, check them out pls.

Inny Minnie Minny Moe

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♥ I can't pick just one.
release; spring '10, :[

062109; What Happens In Vegas...

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Now playing; lauryn hill; Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

So today is fathers day, and really for me no biggie.
I mean my father has been in and out of my life, since I was born.
My mom took him to court about a month or two ago, randomly and he's said to owe $30,000 in child support. DAMMMNN HOMIE!
I could really use that right now, but since he doesn't work I get nothing.
I have no hard feelings toward him, I'm real emotionless when It comes to those things.
I have made it a note to contact him and my grandmother before I head back to Atlanta.
Aside from my father, my step-father has been around since I was about 11 or 12.
He's more of a friend than father figure though, we share a bond over music, clothes and sneakers and that's about it. He lets me know whats what, about males and all that crap. I'm thankful for that.

Enough with all the sappy shit, today was fun to say the least. I finally saw "The Hangover" and it was funnnayy. Although I never been in a theater full of non-laughing ppl in my life. Me and my fam were the only ones laughing, it became awkward. My mom even stayed up through the whole thing, and that says a lot. It made me want to take a trip to Vegas.

New Video's; Gucci Mane

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Gucci Mane; I think I Love her
"Well my name is Susie and Gucci think I love him That sucka think I'm loyal but I fucks with all the hustlers I be wit all the ballers I be in all the spots I might be in yo kitchen nigga cooking with yo pots."

Gucci Mane; Photoshoot
"Remember me from TV, turning on yo TV!"

This videos are laaaate, but I still bangs to the songs.
if you ever come to easttt atlantaaaa, lol too bad i reside on the westside.

Blogroll; The Skinny

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I'm sure a lot of people have been waiting for a blog from their favorite store.
Forever 21 has launched "The Skinny" a blog dedicated to fashion, style, DIY's, art, news entertainment and more.
Check it out, The Skinny

Where They Do That At?

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No seriously.. where they do that at?
Maybe I'm tripping, but a lot of shit has been making me wonder the type of up bringing ppl have. Just plain ghetto and filled foolishness. Yesterday, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane and GS boys had a concert this way and this is what ppl do during local acts and down time?
I usually look at stuff like this, shake my head and keep it to moving. In no way do I want my blog to start bashing everyday ppl but some shit has to be seen and talked about.
What makes it so worse is that this is just one out of the many pics these fools took.
Yes, they really had a intimate photoshoot at a freaking concert.
Ok I'm done!


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So I have my laptop back, and trying to keep it like new.
I lost everything you could ever save onto a computer, which sucks but its running a lot better.
I still hate Dell!
Anyway, while putting the important programs back on my laptop.
PSP being one of them, I got the urge and desire to start making graphics again.
Colorization is real cool, and I'm going to start off by practicing with that again.
The colorization up top was one I did not too long ago after a few years of not doing a colorization.
not bad eehh?

New Video; Day's Of Our Lives

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Juelz Santana; Day's Of Our Lives.
This is the first single and official video for his album Born To Lose, Built to Win.
In stores June 30th.

Looks like someone has been stepping their weight up.

Would You Wear These; Pastry Sneakers

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Pastry; Glam Pie Hi Vulc.
Vanessa and Angela Simmons have introduced two new styles/colorways
to their Pastry sneaker line.
Black Current & Mixed Berry are now available on the Pastry website.
I've never been fond of the Pastry sneakers, when they first came out a lot of dislike was thrown at them. As the line grows, I see more and more females wearing them. My sister, niece, and friends all own pairs and I still don't get it.
However I'm just now seeing the smoothie ones and I would wear these.

Do you own a pair of pasty's, or Are these the future of womens sneakers?

Flashback; B2K

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Remember the days when guy groups were actually hot and had
a chance in the music business?
eeehh me either.
I admit, I was one of those crazy in love teenagers for B2K.
Who wasn't?
If I'm not mistaken, b2k was my second ever concert. Immature was my first, IMX for the young ones. My favorite was Jboog, of course. He's still good looking, even with all those kids lol.
Anyway, this flashback was brought on due to coming across Raz B's twitter.
Which still shows he hanging on to his B2K days hence the name Razb2k, smh.
Tweeted a couple days, he said..

"i love Marques houston chris stokes and omari were family! cant wait to do a B2K record. maybe one day we all top fightiing it will be one."

It sucks, because I'm sure another B2K record will never happen, Omarion has said so and seems to be sticking with it.
Hopefully one day they all can reunite, and put the drama behind them.

Sound Check; Treal Lee, Prince Rick & Mr. Hit Dat Hoe

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"ayy i keep a fresh pair of g-nikes, 501's up on my ass.
Lil mama what it be like, wooahh get off me now."

I came across these dudes while watching youtube videos, and I like their music.
A lot of people may be too distracted like I was at first glance by their appearance. Mr. Hit Dat hoe, rocks a gold strip throughout his head, Treal Lee has some gumbi type haircut, and well Prince Rick lets just say braids & beads.
Their from Dallas, TX like a lot of other rappers and groups making way in '09.
Although a lot of people may not accept this as music, with songs like "Bad Lil Braud", "Get Off Me Now", and "Mr. Hit That Hoe" the group proves that their no one hit wonder.
I'm sure it won't be long, before they have a video on 106 & park, like the rest.

Check out their Myspace and Youtube Channel.

New Video; Broken Hearted Girl

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Beyonce; Broken Hearted Girl
"You say you've got the most respect for me
But, sometimes I feel you're not deserving of me"
I know that I love you, but let me just say
I don't wanna love you in no kind of way, no no
I don't want a broken heart"

Once again, I'll say I'm bored with the black and white, looovee the song however.

Victoria's Secret; Semi-Annual Sale

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starts today, all the good stuff/sizes goes first.
I don't think there's a good reason, for a female to not own at least one good bra,
or matching bra and pantie set.
If you're one of them, this is the sale you've been waiting on.

Stop Sleeping; Fantasia

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My friend and I were just talking about how he's only attracted to dark skin females, and how males sleep on dark skin females and Fantasia's name popped up. Browsing my usual blogs, I came across these pictures and I have to admit that Fantasia is stepping it up. In past and photo's she's usually looking a mess.
I get a vibe of Janelle Monae, from the blk and white bow and suite
photo's but eeh what the hell. They're my favorite!
Love the new look, and I might have to agree that dude was right.
but that's a whole 'nother story.

Pucker Up; Change is good

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Change is always good, while some may like the old smooches better.
I'm not complaining, I like the direction MOB is going in.
While these pair of lips give off simplicity they also show growth and maturity.
Approaching the brands 5yr anniversary, Leah explains..
"that ‘we’re no longer just t-shirts and hoodies, the line is expanding and growing up, we wanted a new logo to emphasize that change’. The new logo is sleek and more versatile, much like the direction the clothes are taking, while still keeping to its provocative, street style roots."
I wish the best of luck to the brand, it was the first I came across when I got into this whole streetwear love.

Sound Check; Adele

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I think I'm late on this one, but better late than never.
I saw her unplugged on MTV and she caught my attention.
She reminds me of Amy W. and lord knows how much I love her.
Where is Amy anyway? hopefully somewhere healthy.
Anywho, I'm listening to a playlist of her now and I'm mad I just found out about her now.
"They call her music "heartbroken soul," which is about as good an endorsement as anybody could ask for. Adele, who is 21 as of this recording, has a voice five times her age. She's instantly earned herself a spot at the forefront of the British soul revival by digging up the smoky ghosts of Dusty Springfield torch songs, introducing them to Roberta Flack and Carole King, and pouring her baby heart all over 'em. Her lyrics are deeply personal, her melodies timeless and her voice unstoppable."

Sexyness x Update

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So twitter is probably the first thing I check when I wake up, sometimes 2nd to facebook.
and this is what I wake up to, fucking lovely.
I know I've been slacking on the post, but my moms computer is just mad retarded and I refuse to sit through this shit.
My laptop is fixed, but I have yet to pick it up.
Gotta get paid !
It seems the bills, keep piling up.

Happy Birthday; Syd Yoshi

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June 13, 1990 - June 28th, 2008
It's crazy how you can barely know a person but feel some kind of way by their passing.
I knew of Syd Yoshi, through FSF.
She was very passionate about sneakers and photography and was a
inspiration to a lot of members including myself.
Today Syd Yoshi, would be enjoying her 19th birthday.
Syd's life was cut short, due to a tragic accident.