Just One Of those days; Keeping Cool x 200th Post

So this is my 200th blog post, didn't think I would be so into this blogging thing.
I update this blog more than my others, so that says something.
I briefly want to thank all 15 of my followers, as well as the lurkers.
It's another sunny day where I'm at, and unlike the rest of the week I'm just chilllinn my mind and body. Trying to stay cool. I didn't have to work this morning, so that gave me a chance to sleep in. I've did nothing all day, haven't even picked up my check.
Which leads me to point out my twittahh scope;
If your life has become too busy, this is your chance to slow down. Your thoughts have been running all over the map, yet now they grind to a halt because a serious issue demands your total attention. You are able to overcome any problem that appears today, but you must focus on this one issue. Fortunately, redirecting your thinking to a practical matter actually feels good because you must drop all your other mental meanderings and produce tangible results.

On point like always, although I have yet to notice a serious issue, but the day isn't over yet.
One overall issue I have is school and getting my financial aid together.
Talk about a major headache, I doubt I'll end up finding/receiving a scholarship.
So what does that leave, loans and debt!
Plus my mom has been nagging me constantly about how I should change my major which is fashion merchandising/and a minor in Business Administration.
Nothing bothers me more than someone trying to tell me what to do regarding my future.
Yes, I'll listen and even taking certain things into consideration.
I feel like no job is guaranteed, and I'd rather do something I love and make the best of it.
Than dragging myself to work, to do a job that I absolutely find no pleasure in at all because of the money.
Money doesn't always bring happiness, if you ask me.
The situation is deeper than the font I'm typing, but I don't want to bore anyone.
Just a little vent.

I'm going to watch this MJ Tribute at 6pm, then see if my mom still wants to go to Craigs Cruisers. Bumper boats sounds like a way to cool off and enjoy my Friday.



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