Would You Wear This?

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Idk what Angela was thinking, the more I look at it, the more it grows on me.
I guess if you take away the boots, and throw her a diff bag, it's a go.
On the other hand, i'm loving her friends outfit and accessories.

Videos; Fabolous & New Boyz

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Fabolous ft. The Dream - Throw It In The Bag

Although I don't understand how a female shoplifting is attractive, this song is starting to grow on me. Video is nice, and must I mention how good Fabolous is looking.

New Boyz - You're A Jerk

I'm feeling the whole cali "jerk" movement, i mean I'll listen and give almost anything a chance.
It helps that I've met a lot of cool ppl from cali during my freshman year.
I went to a Cali party on my bday, and it was fun times.
All i'll say is don't try to jerk and reject, drunk and with heels on.
This dance also reminds me of how out of shape i am, leg pains like a mutha.

Hellz Bellz "So Lolita" Summer '09

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ItalicWhen I got the Hellz Bellz sneak peak in my inbox, I didn't think the drop would be so soon.
I'm not complain'
The Hellz Bellz Summer '09 "So Lolita" Collection which includes bubble skirts, a "Gun It" dress, a high fashion "Hellz Naw" Jacket and of course the classic graphic tee's.
Hellz Bellz has been droppin' hot shit lately, and I can honestly say they've grown a lot since
I first came across the streetwear brand.
Unlike some brands, who I won't throw shade at, they keep us anticipating and wanting more.
And actually make you feel like you're getting your moneys worth.
Sorry I'm having a moment.

Check out the complete lookbook here.

Would You Wear This?

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Yes/No ?
I'm loving the simpleness of it, yet the red heels and glasses set it off.

New Arrivals; Forever21

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My Favorite

Forever 21 has finally put up new swimwear!
I got my VS Swim catalog today, and while I spotted mad hot bikini's.
F21 has cute styles and prints as well, only for cheaper.
Check out the rest of the new swimwear arrivals here.

New Arrivals; Kova & T

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Oxy Latex Leggings- $110
Jessie Tank- $112

Diamond Pleated Dress-$350
Archer Dress-$435

Kova & T Spring '09 collection is now available on Cultist shop.
I've spotted a few favorite pieces, although a bit pricey for my budget.
View the lookbook, here.

The Joy of Pregnancy...and Divorce

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Idk why but she makes being 7mths pregnant, and rocking a bikini so..normal.
My mom is pregnant and I would be horrified if she even thought about going somewhere in a bikini. Glad to see she's smiling and seems to be taking the divorce situation lightly.

Oh and are those F21/XXI bikni's or did F21/XXI knock someone off again?
pics credit-here

Leaked; "Complicated"

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"k so somebody leaked one of my songs i hope u like it im kinda mad."
- Teyana's twitter
Listen to the song "Complicated" here.
I just got done watching a live stream of Teyana Taylor and some girl, and she expressed how she wasn't happy with the fact of her songs being leaked. Someone even asked could they leak another song, I forgot what its called. Either way, I'm feeling "Complicated" and I'm interested in what the rest of the album is going to be like.

Married To The Mob; Lost Summer

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Married to The Mob "Lost Summer" collection is now available.
I'm really feeling the bikini's and tee's as usual.

Check out the rest of the collect here.

Laugh Of The AM; Grind Challenge?

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So I've seen a few tweets about this video, and I'm just now seeing it for myself...
1. I didn't know Pretty Ricky still existed 2. Spectacular is so not attractive to me anymore
3. Was the thong brief really necessary? ** peep that tongue action...
A lot of ppl think its gay, and while I don't think IT'S gay, more so it LOOKS gay.
I mean the nigga jsmoove or whateva the hell had females wet on youtube and this boney r&b dude does it and it's gay. I just think the facial expressions, transitions, body rubbing, brief thong, etc. was a bit much. Oh and who challenges other nigga's to grinding? That's a bit suspect.
Oh well, it gave me my laugh at 10am.

Admiring The Yeezys

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Comparing yeezy's to Jordans!
Is that really a fair comparison?
If I were a rich bitch...

Would You Wear These?

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American Apparel has given us a look at what styles and new items we can expect to be available soon. I haven't spotted anything to get excited about, but these "Backless tights" are something to wonder about. I would never wear them, and if you ask me who would?
Then again, they're basically knee highs meets thongs.
I guess pieces like these are what makes American Apparel basics, not to basic.

Bleu Magazine x Trina

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On news stands June 11th

Trina "The Baddest Bitch" is on the cover of the Spring issue of Bleu Magazine.
In her interview she talks about being intimate, her raunchy image and her relationship with Keyon "K-Mart" Martin, as well as what fans can expect of her upcoming album.

"My relationship with Kenyon is something that I’ve never ever endured before. This is the first time that I’ve been in a relationship where I’m completely happy and completely secure and I feel like I have someone there for me 100-percent, she says on dating Kenyon Martin."

"While I was in a relationship (with Lil’ Wayne), and it was a good relationship, but something was just not right. No matter how much you put into it, no matter how much love you give, something can always go wrong. And that’s how the "Here We Go" Ft. Kelly Rowland came about. It’s from a real-life experience."

Good to see that her relationship is doing well, and that she's happy.
Love the photo's, although I'm not feeling the mushroom hairstyle.

Hellz Bellz Sneak Peek

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Hell Bellz Summer '09, sneak peek.
Peep those earrings, dope.
I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready for Hellz to drop some accessories.
I've spotted a few hot pieces throughout past look books and hopefully we
won't have to wait too much longer to rock them ourselves.

I'm Just Saying...

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If I had it my way, I would've spent memorial day weekend lounging in
Miami somewhere on a beach.
Luckily I still have the summer ahead of me.
I'm really feeling the colorful leopard bikini, XXI never seems to let me down.

New Arrivals; NASTY GAL

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Origami Peplum Dress
Studded Gem Clutch
Bubblegum Bandage Zip Skirt

Check out more new arrivals, at NASTY GAL.


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I just caught up on the tv show "The Game", and the finale was a good one.
I'm sad that the CW has decided to cancel the show.
I rarely watch sitcoms/ tv shows.
I didn't start watching "The Game" till one night I caught re-runs
on BET and got hooked. I've been reading around about how BET or
TBS might pick it up or the idea has been thrown at them.
Either way it goes, i'm glad the show lasted as long as it did.
As for how it ended,
  • Happy to see Tasha and Rick back together.
  • What Tasha did was wrong, but I don't think Kelly had a react the way she did.
  • Melanie and Derwin are cute, but I didn't agree with the whole wanting to be "first."
  • ...I don't think I could look past the situations Derwin put Melanie in, personally I would of been left his ass.
  • Malik and Tasha are too funny.
It was interesting while it lasted.

Movie Review: Dance Flick

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I just got in from seeing this movie, it wasn't planned at all.
I rarely go to the theaters these days. Why would I, when you can watch them for free in the comfort of your own home. The movie was decent, funny through out, although predictable.
I think it also could of been longer. Me and my friends hit up a new theater where the shows are only $4.25, so i' m mos def not complaining. I'm glad the Wayans family/brothers have returned to the big screen, because those other parody films were not the business.
Overall I give it a 3.5/5.

It's too big, It's too wide...

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Beyonce - Ego

Love the song, video is blah.
Can we get some color, it's a bit depressing if you ask me.
For a song said to be about peen size and skill...i'm just sayinn.

Same Style, Different Prices

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I knew it wouldn't be long before F21/XXI created their own version of these studded gladiator ankle wrap sandals. I know I've posted these before, but besides dresses and racer backs tanks these sandal are on my list of top 5 must haves for this summer. I first spotted them on Alloy and they continue to become available through other stores.
Wet Seal- $19.50

F21 - $23.80

Alloy -$34.50
Bakers- $39.99

So whats the difference?
The quality I'm sure!

The Hangover

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In theaters June 5, 2009
"Two days before his wedding, Doug and three friends drive to Las Vegas for a wild and memorable stag party. In fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can't remember a thing; nor can they find Doug. The three hazy pals try to re-trace their steps and find Doug so they can get him back to Los Angeles in time to walk down the aisle."

I LMFAO every time I see the preview for this movie.
They should've threw Vince Vaughn in this, idk why but he is so hilarious to me.
So yeah who wants to accompany me to see this?

If I Could Turn Back Time

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"Missing you isn't the hardest part, knowing I had you is what is killing me."

Last night was the worst, I probably ruined a good thing.
When phone calls that were once filled with never ending laughs and conversation turns into
complete silence, I know I ruined a good thing.
I question if I'm beating myself up, but i know that my actions last cannot be justified.
Was it the PMS, i don't know but if so mother nature can kiss my ass.


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V- Neck -F21
Jeans - F21
Sandals - Wet Seal

LAUGH OF THE DAY: Condometer

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Am i late? well this added to my laughs of the day.
The things and ideas people come up with amaze me, not in a good way though.
I think this gives dudes more reason to not want to wear a condom.
I hate nigga's that brag on the peen size, then again is size really everything ?
So many opinions, either way I think this was a decent idea.
What took so long is the real question, lol smh.

Florals II

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Donna Bustier Dress
Once again florals have caught my attention.
I came across NASTY GAL not too long ago.
Which is basically a vintage lovers heaven, I also said I wanted to check out
the vintage spots in Atlanta, but when I can surf the net and find dope
shit like this it'll probably be forever till I set out on that adventure.
The prices are reasonable, depending on who you ask.
It's all worth it in the end.


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First mixtape since his release.
Download here

Battling still alive ?

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I remember when I was going through my rap battle phase, no I wasn't rapping but me and my step-dad would sit around and watch smack dvd's and other rap battles like it was nothing
I came across a video of lux on worldstar, talking about a battle event in Detroit this weekend.
I didn't even know people still battled, and then someone said rap battling was dead.
Is it ? I think so, but this reminded me of a favorite battle of mine between lux and mook.
Years later, still hard to say who won.


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Twista - Wetter
At one point in time this was my shit, hell it still is .
However just like birthday sex this is old to me.
I told people to stop sleeping on the Mid-West.

Forever 21 x Japan

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Forever 21 recently opened its first store in the Harajuku district in Japan.
I'm jealous why can't our stores look like this.
Tokyo street style


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So i'm sitting here on the phone with one of my best bitches and she's feeling me in on whats been going on in my town. Basically the same shit since I left only worse.
More people have babies, hell some are on baby number 2.
Nigga's still ain't shit, yadda yadda yadda.
I can tell it's going to be a boring summer.
I refuse to talk any of these bums or put up with dumb broads.

life has been dull these last couple of days, i'm actually ready to go home.
Ready to get this 12 hour drive over with, find a job and try to make
the best out of my summer back home.

I have polls on the side, would really appreciate if you lurkers and faithful visitors could vote. Since this dumb broad likes to copy my layouts, i thought why not just offer pre-made layouts for all to use. It's funny and I'm flattered, no i'm not saying once I use a layout its only for me to use but what a cowinkidink that your layout is the same as mine EVERY time, dumb ass.
I'm also curious to know what type of post people want to see more of. When I started this blog, I wasn't really taking it serious, just adding to the list of websites I already had. It's a great way to network, vent, and post my opinions and thoughts about fashion, entertainment and all that good crap.

It's 1am, and I just got off the phone with my bitch, makes me miss old times when all of us were together. Getting drunk/high and acting a fool, making the best of our wack ass town.

welp, i'm going to bed now.
peace <3