Laugh Of The AM; Grind Challenge?

posted under , , by Jasmine Nicole

So I've seen a few tweets about this video, and I'm just now seeing it for myself...
1. I didn't know Pretty Ricky still existed 2. Spectacular is so not attractive to me anymore
3. Was the thong brief really necessary? ** peep that tongue action...
A lot of ppl think its gay, and while I don't think IT'S gay, more so it LOOKS gay.
I mean the nigga jsmoove or whateva the hell had females wet on youtube and this boney r&b dude does it and it's gay. I just think the facial expressions, transitions, body rubbing, brief thong, etc. was a bit much. Oh and who challenges other nigga's to grinding? That's a bit suspect.
Oh well, it gave me my laugh at 10am.


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