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The DimePiece Spring/Summer '09 collection "Plastic City" is now available!
I know I always say I'm excited whenever a favorite female streetwear line drops a new collection, but this time I'm really hyped. Mainly because this collection is full of tanks and tunics which will probably be all you'll find me wearing this spring/summer season.
I don't know why but lately I've been obsessed with racerback tanks, they're so comfy .
Isn't the Zig Zag mini skirt dope ?
damn I need a job .

View & shop the full collection at

Meet & Greet : Day 26

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I'm mad tired, lately i've been going to sleep mad late i'm about to take a nap.
Just wanted to share the pics from the meet & greet day 26 had at CAU .
My friend acted mad ghetto, i'm likeee sssssssshhhh damn be quiet lol gotta love her though .
Willie stood up and looked around like damn who is that screaming my name .
It was weird, and despite how much of a bitch Que has been acting on MTB4 I just couldn't laugh at him lol . He's mad cute in person, and big mike is adorable .

Mad blurry .

damn sk lx pics ...i need a camera quick .
naptime <3 peace .

I'm Just Admiring..

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Jordan "Hare" 1's

I regret buying the CDP 7 hares, IDK why.. it's not even regret but
how much I dropped on them and how I
barely wear those shits, but these aree sexyy .
When I bought the 7's it was impulse, I'll pass on these though and
just admire from the sidelines.
release date : April 2009

Nothing Wrong With Believing

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People always wonder why I believe in astrology and horoscopes and the reason is because they always turn out to be true when it comes to my life.

People have let you down, but don't let it disillusion you.
Try your best to still see the good!

Lately the above has been the case and I still try to give the person doing me dirty the benefit of the doubt. People always label me as mean, rude, bitch,stuck up and I think I'm a pretty nice individual. I admit that I'll curse you out in a heart beat and my tone may come off as careless and or sarcastic but I can't help that . This previous week and its events has me fed up with people in general. possesive and needy female friends, and bitch made niggas. I've been through and put up with a lot of shit that back home wouldn't have even had a chance with me. I've realized that I must return to my old ways, and not give a fuck.

On a lighter note, I watched Last House on the Left yesterday and it was a good movie.
[ spoiler ] I was so happy when the girl crawled out of the water, and tell me those parents weren't gangsterrr . I probably would of reacted and did the same thing .

What the hell is up with this weather, I kid not its been raining for what four days, and as you can see above it doesn't plan on letting up anytime soon. At least the weather will be nice for Monday, Day26 is supposed to be having a meet & greet here. I'm not big fans of them, but I watch MTB4 and this last episode was a mix of sad & straight comedy. I really think something is wrong with Que's mental . Its going to be hard for me to look at them and not burst into laughter.

I have a banging headache, so it's bedtime for moi...peace <3

Bad Girlz 4 Life

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I finally finished this book, when I'm back home I usually finish reading a good book within a week. Being in Atlanta, I get sidetracked a lot . The book is the sequel to Bad Girlz, it was a decent read. On to better news the pussy pound is back , ya know B-more Careful for all my readers. If you're a true reader you're probably just excited as myself. B-more careful is on my list of top 5 fav reads. Judging by the excerpt I've read, part II should be it should be interesting.
release date ; 2009

Gangstaa Grillz

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It's been raining for the last couple of days in ATL , aunt dot is visiting and a ol bunch of other shit so I was not in the mood for clubbing, like always I was persuaded and its 3:10am as I type.
Just came in from House in Underground ATL , I fucks with mixtapes so of course I had to show
DJ Drama some love , Gangsta Grillz The Album Vol 2 In stores & Online May 16 .


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thee fuck is wrong with people ?
like seriously, you ever had someone just get mad brand new on you like they wasn't riding your shit like yesterday . I was ignoring the situation till shit got false , like please have your facts and statements correct .
Must I really pull up the texts, im's , etc. ?
fucking odd balls, dumb broads and bitch nigga's !
I'm blogging like crazy, but oh well . It's raining AGAIN in Atlanta so that calls for nap time .
Finally got my care package from my mother, which included my Birth Certificate sooo I can finally get a I.D ---- clubbing time !
I'm supposed to go do a lineup at 7pm , fuck it and them bankhead nigga's.

peace <3

Wet Seal x Keri Hilson

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Remember when Wet Seal was all the craze, after the whole rock star phase that store lost my services . Quality sucks ass right about now, anyway yesterday they had a record release Party & In-store signing for Keri Hilsons new album "In A Perfect World".
I have yet to listen to it, and in all honesty I'm still trying to figure out who this female is and where she came from . Don't beat me down but for the longest I thought she was Cheri Dennis .


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east coast / west cost !
Yesterday the sun was out and a bunch of people including myself were all outside chilling .
how the convo' led to which city has the best music/rappers/talent/local rappers IDK .
All I know is things got heated, I'm from Michigan but I couldn't even back Detroit up .
I cringe when I enter Detroit and turn on the radio , I was never a fan of local rappers until I moved to Atlanta . Now that's basically all I listen to, not really but more than I used to .
As for who has the best music scene and rappers , IDK I personally always preffered down south music.
What's your opinion ?

It's funny, the dudes were getting real heated ...I mean who cares
music is music , you like it or not.
Listen to what makes you happy . Same as far as dances go, Atlanta got the whole swag surf, whoop rico, soulja boy crap, and whatever else . Chicago got footworks, bobbin', bangin', rolling and whatever else, Cali has eemm jerkin lol and so on ...
If you think you look good doing it, then kudos to you .

It's Only Tuesday

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Dag, it's only Tuesday and I'm already anticipating the weekend. I don't have anything special planned so far but I'm just tired of school. Summer vacation can't come quick enough.
I'm sitting here browsing my usual sites and looking for worthy blogs to read .
&& waiting on College Hill: South Beach to come on. Of course BET hypes each season up every time and supposedly there's drama already/on the first episode. So being that my happy ass loves some reality television, of course I'm tuning in.


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Nikon D40x - 10.2 Megapixels
Nikon Coolpix S550 - 10 Megapixels

I doub't I'll be able to go without a camera for too much last camera
was a Cannon and I think I want a Nikon next. I'd gladly take the D40x, but
I'll settle for the coolpix.
My birthday is right around the corner soo maybe I'll get lucky !
I miss my camera oh so badly, until then I'm stuck with sucky ass SK LX pics .


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Married To The Mob has been taking care of all those bad bitches and it just continues to get better. They've re released part 2 of the spring collection .
I like how they're bringing something for the more sexier MOB's this round and offering dresses to show a bit of skin ...who said a bad bitch couldn't be sexy while doing it ?

Visit the website to see the full collection and copp' your fix.

Sooo Yeah ..

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I've been neglecting this thing, these previous two weeks have just not been agreeing with me .
Spring break is finally over and like
the rest of the AUC I was not able to enjoy Miami :( ...maybe next year
I tried to go home twice and it didn't work out ...not having a government issued I.D is hell .
Not only was I not able to go home, I had to stay in Atlanta and not be able to club or anything.
So yeah my spring break sucked ass!
This month is kind of flying pass, before I know it May will be here which brings mad birthdays( including mine ), finals, and the beginning of my summer vacation.
I'm hoping up until then, things take a turn for the better .
It's warming up in Atlanta , too much/quickly for my taste ...but ehh .
I'm still on the job hunt and trying for at least a 3.0 GPA...nigga's are still being nigga's so that's irrelevant .

peace <3


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Damn it's been 12 years...
Of course I thought the Movie Notorious was the shit, but what else to expect from someone black as ever, and still rocking Coogie down to the socks .
Will always love his music ya know..

My name is...and I'm a Shopaholic

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I just finished watching Confessions Of A Shopaholic, and it was good .
I could relate through out the whole movie, and it kept me laughing .
Am I the only one that wanted to shop after watching this ?

Time to let the toes breath

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The Molly Open Toe Hidden Wedge 80%20

I like these, but Idk If I would actually wear them .
It's past warming up in Atlanta , which mines time to put
away my boots and cut back on sneakers.
In the mean time, I plan on coppin these soon ...maybe in every color .

I can't sleep

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but who could after being robbed ? Tonight was supposed to be mad fun , clubbing with my girls and who knows what after wards. I have a banging headache, due to the fact that I didn't just hand my shit over and started fighting with dude and he punched the SHIT out of me lmao .
I don't know if I'm mad about being robbed, the fact that my my coat , id's, credit cards, camera, M.A.C make-up / lipgloss, keys and whatever else got stole or just that fact that I feel mad violated..and its funny how you realize whose really there for you when shit like this happens . I mean I don't expect you to drop everything and come to my rescue but DAMN at least answer your phone . & then ppl had the nerve to still ask if we were
coming to the THE FUCK ?
homie i just got robbed , who can concentrate on clubbing right now let alone I have not one proof of identification to get into a club...then we sit at the police station for two hours not even the atl police station but the MARTA station..this has just been one horrible night .

I'm heading back to Michigan on Saturday, hopefully I need to get
some type of id to even get on the plane .

Magnificent, YES !

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Magnificent - Rick Ross Ft. John Legend

Go ahead and jump on the 50 bandwagon , I been feeling Rick Ross since the beginning so why stop now cause a monkey said so , helll no .
I'm mad I missed him when he came to Clark the other day , oh
well not like I haven't seen him before .

Lil Wayne-Prom Queen

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As I sit here and listen to "pussy monsta", I come across this video .
Been hearing a lot about the song , and while this song probably won't grow on me due to the fact that I easily take on headaches.
I actually like the video, but i miss the old weezy .

Ladies, Nike Aero?

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With spring near and all the colorway fits .
I came across these a while back on UO , and I feel some kind of way about these .
I would rock , but im not 100% sold .
Yay or Nay ?

Domestic Violence

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If I Got Beat Ya I Dont Need Ya

is not the answer ...
then again he did graduate from slap a bitch university with honors ...smh.

Running In Heels

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This is another show I don't think I'll be able to watch, then again maybe the channel I saw the preview on is the channel it'll be on .
I love internship shows like this, because one day hopefully i'll be experiencing the same thing. The show is about 3 interns working at Marie Claire, it's airs tonight at 8pm on the Style network.