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east coast / west cost !
Yesterday the sun was out and a bunch of people including myself were all outside chilling .
how the convo' led to which city has the best music/rappers/talent/local rappers IDK .
All I know is things got heated, I'm from Michigan but I couldn't even back Detroit up .
I cringe when I enter Detroit and turn on the radio , I was never a fan of local rappers until I moved to Atlanta . Now that's basically all I listen to, not really but more than I used to .
As for who has the best music scene and rappers , IDK I personally always preffered down south music.
What's your opinion ?

It's funny, the dudes were getting real heated ...I mean who cares
music is music , you like it or not.
Listen to what makes you happy . Same as far as dances go, Atlanta got the whole swag surf, whoop rico, soulja boy crap, and whatever else . Chicago got footworks, bobbin', bangin', rolling and whatever else, Cali has eemm jerkin lol and so on ...
If you think you look good doing it, then kudos to you .


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