Bittersweet !

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Love this video !!
"Ralph Lauren was boring before I wore 'em "
remember when Kayne still had all his marbles ?
homie is still dope none the less .

And there goes X

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Now playing - "The Omen" - DMX ft. Marlyn Manson

"DMX has been sentenced to serve 90 days in jail. Simmons pleaded guilty in December to one felony count of theft, one count each of felony possession of marijuana and a narcotic drug and a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. "
- Yahoo

I've always been a fan of DMX right along with my ma , but this dude has lost it .


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I'm loving the slickback pull-over and crews.
mos def , on the copp list .

view and shop the collection here

Lions,Tigers & Bears

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"Lions, Tigers & Bears" - Jazmine Sullivan
I wore this song out a long time ago, and it's still on repeat till this day .
This is the official video for the song
good, decent , could of been better ?

Nails did

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Just in time from Valentines day .
I kinder like this .

- photo from flickr


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No one has took part in this "leggings" trend like Lindsey Lohan .
Practically wearing them all the time and paired with anything.
I just came across her line "6126" and I must say not bad .
prices range from $72-$122
I'd love a pair of the "ella studded" .


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It's funny, that all you have to do is come out with one hot song and BAM you may just land yourself a record deal. & don't let your one hot song, have a dance attached to it .
The GSBOYZ, creators of the dance and song "Stanky Leg" which might I add is one of my favorite club songs, and gets my going everytime..may have landed a deal with Yung Joc , they say Soulja Boy did it why can't they?

Credit -

Dude's Be Frontin'

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I hate to get nasty, but I found this interesting .
Background music is comedy, and I while I don't think it's mandatory .
it doesn't hurt , as long its done right .

Interviewed: Charli Baltimore

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So damn , I didn't even know of the relationship between Big and Charli Baltimore.
She wasn't mentioned once throughout the film, and during a interview with
she tells why she hasn't seen the movie and refuses to see it . People have been questioning why you were left out of the film.

Charli Baltimore: From what I’m understanding, the one particular scene which I guess bothered me more than anything was that me and B.I.G. were in a really, really, traumatic car accident. I almost died in that car accident and for them to downplay it—and again I didn’t see the movie so I don’t know how much it’s downplayed or not—but for them to downplay it the way that it was, the way that it occurred…it bothered me. That’s what probably bothers me more so than anything. I don’t usually do too many interviews regarding Big.

click here to read the rest of the interview .

New layout

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Isn't this just so girly and mushy , lmao .
Beneath the mean mug , vulgar tee's and laid back sarcastic
bitch attitude - I'm a damn bad ass girly girl .
I Was tired of the other layout , and Vday is right around the calendar so why not .
Erm what else , well today I've been lazy for the most part .
I swear it's impossible to have a day/night to yourself at times.. so last night I ended up going to a house party , omg I felt like NY was taking over. During the beginning all they played was music to get lite to. It was then that I realized I was at a tri-state house party.
Eventually they took it to the south and played the usual .
Didn't last long because, it was crowded and a fight broke out .
Mind you this was all in a apartment, so it was elbow to elbow .
It was fun nonetheless, can't wait to see what tonight has in store.
714 ? or the kappa party ?
who knows !


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It's back , and although I didn't pay much attention to the last season.
I'll try and tune in for this one, of course Danity kane has lost two members so this should be interesting and according to puff, no one is getting out of their contract.
Will Day 26 last ? 'Will Danity Kane continue with just the three remaining members or add new members or just be added to puff's list of flops ?
Who knows !
Lol, am I the only one who wants to see more of the Da Band , sorry but that season was interesting to me , babs - freddy and chopper - straight comedians.
New season airs Feb 5th

Latest pick up

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Nike Pinstripe Blazers
Been wanting these for the longest , finally copp'd and
for a decent price !


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Well im tired from last night , so im going to chill out and pass on going to the pre-bob party .
However, I will make-up for it tomorrow night - hopefully .
Anyway last night I went to a que party "pretty/nasty" and it was nastyyy lmao.
I had fun , plus it was free so yeah :]

I'll stop there , but trust it got worst ...smh .
Sucks that my mood is blah today because the
weather is mad nice here in the "A" .

Her first Oscar Nomination

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Every since Baby Boy, I've always liked Taraji P. Henson, but she's come along way from the baby momma of the baby boy and she's been nominated for best "Actress in a Supporting Role" for her Character Queenie in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."
I never tune in to the Oscars, but I just might this year .
I wish her the best in winning .


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So last night was the first and probably not the last of me clubbing on a Sunday .
At least I wasn't alone , A promotion team around the AUC threw a party at Dreamz and although at the beginning , I was straight irritated...line was mad long so although I didn't want to.. I said fuck it and jumped in VIP. Which was bullshit , because for it to be VIP, it sure as hell wasn't moving fast . Throughout the night , I thought I wasted my money but eventually towards the end I started stankin' leggin and having fun lmao . I'm cutting back though , at least until I get a job , I don't do lines, so the only other option is VIP which I refuse to continue to pay for .

So BET was there , it's supposed to air on tv i guess .
Toccarra ( however you spell her name ) was there and oh em gee , all I'll say is she looked better before she lost weight .

and I heard a song that gets me going in the club last night too , its some st.louis wahh wahh wahh shit lmao i don't i know it gets me going in the club tho .
RACHET ASS HOOO wahh wahh wahh
and wtf now that I think about it , they didn't play whoop rico , :(

For tomorrow most professors cancelled class , well I know my art class is.. and the only other class I have is seminar which hopefully is cancelled , because I'm not going if it isn't .
So far , I'm content on my schedule and classes , I haven't went to seminar yet so I have yet to see what that's about . I have to rack up on dough , because I have to buy mad art supplies and books..ahh this sucks .
I wish I could just live lavish and shop my ass off with no worries..but don't we all .

Notorious !

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So today was cool , chilled most of the day .
then me and a friend went to Atlantic Station, it was mad packed .
We went to see Notorious, and from my opinion it was good .
More so sad, I didn't cry or anything but it was sad lol .
I'm a kim fan , and although she might of been crazy to want Christina Millian to play her role .
I'll honestly say the Naturi chick didn't
do too bad but i'm not a fan of how Kim
was portrayed. I like how it went in depth on what biggie did and went through as well as his relationship with kim, pac and others.
in the end , I don't feel like
I wasted my money like I usually do with
other movies.
Go check it out yourself , if you haven't already !


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While at home , I didn't party not once ...I chilled with friends but it was nothing like clubbing in the "A" . Thursday , I hit up motions with friends and it was fun , and thats just the beginning .
Tonight I'm supposed to check out a house party and tomorrow there's something going on at Dreamz...ahh good times !
sucky sk pic , but young la , and dro came thru .


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Finally the video for "My President Is Black." - Young Jeezy Ft. Nas
I swear once it was announced that Obama won, this song was apart of everybody's fb status lol .

011409 - Daily

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So I'm back in Atlanta , while I'm glad to be back . I wasn't has anxious to leave as I thought I would be . The day before I left was hectic, spent the whole day at the hair salon and the rest of the night until the early morning chilling with my best bitches.

Today was the first day of classes, and I was absent . I wasn't enrolled and registered until earlier today , so my first day will be tomorrow . I'm sure I didn't miss much, all I know is that its focus timeee . Today is blah , mainly chilling around , and taking care of last minute situations.
A few people have been hitting me up nonstop to chill so I might take them up on the offer .
My roommate isn't back yet , and due to the fact that this dorm room is mad small, it feels good to have it to myself for a few days .

of course like the rest of the world , I watched American Idol last night . I never watch it past the auditions. Last night the worst of the worst came out . What in the world are these people thinking ?
The man with the deep voice, dude with the guitar , bikini girl , and the overly nervous dude ...nothing but comedy .

Interviewed: Leah McSweeney

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When I mention mob , around anyone they immediately put on the dumb face , because they've never heard of it , let alone know what streetwear exactly is .
Browsing my usual blogs , I came across this video of Married to The Mob creator Leah McSweeney being interviewed about the brand and even given a sneak peak of the spring 09 collection.
I'm excited !

010909 - daily .

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Today was an eventful day .
woke up went to breakfast with the fam , being that I'm leaving to go back to Atlanta Sunday.
I'm not a big breakfast person, but it was decent until I found a piece of hair in my food. I swear some shit like that will fuck up your whole appetite .
After we went out to breakfast , I had to go to my high school and yes I still call it "my high school" cause me and my bitches ran that shit . I had to go make sure my old counselor sent off my transcript , the visit brought back old memories . I thought about visiting old teachers but was like naahh . One particular memory that my mom brought up was the "bloody brawl" as she likes to call it that me and my friends caused . I went to a predominately white school and me and my friends have been with the district sine 6th grade . Long story short, a few females also black decided to transfer to our school , and you know me and my friends paid them no mind , didn't kiss ass or ask questions . Eventually we started getting dirty looks , which led to arguments and one day after school the so called "bloody brawl" took place . I supposedly hit some girls mother who claims she had cancer and the bitch wanted to press charges ...ha good times ...enough about that .

I tagged along with my mom for the rest of the day while she did her thing , and laughed my ass off and a lot of things .
* I listened to Ciara's remix of Diva about 25 times because my mom had it on repeat .
* So to get her back , I bumped my GUCCI !
* I made a much needed hair appointment , :]
*..and I convinced my mom to take me to Victoria Secrets one last time before I leave .
I've had slow moments and one big ass freak out , not too long ago I told my mom I wanted to start wearing make-up and she took me to the MAC counter and bought me mad shit . Today I go to get my mascara and couldn't find it .
lol , some dudes didn't understand the big deal -clears throat - muh kay .
but i was going crazy , I tore my room apart and pulled everything out of the bathroom drawers .
I ended up finding it and that's all that matters , because I wasn't dishing out $15 for another one anytime soon .

Times winding down and I'll be back in the AUC - :]
so excited because my first roommate , after leaving because she couldn't afford it left and now she's back . She was mad cool and I was sad that she had to leave , now we can make up for lost time . Ready to hit the clubs up again , and spend time with him .

The Real World : Brooklyn

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I haven't watched a full season of "The Real World" in forever .
I caught the preview of the new season a while back and it sparked my interest .
It premiered tonight , and I can see myself staying tuned for the whole season.
Most of the cast seems cool and laid back , for now .
Ryan is funny , It looks as if he plans on being the asshole of this season .
of course you have your one black person , smh .
and am I the only one wondering if Sarah could of previously been a man herself , she has hard facial features.

I finally saw the first episode of "Daddy's Girl's" its decent , they seem a bit dull and their cousin seems mad annoying and as if she's trying too hard . As for Angela and the ring situation , I sure as hell would pawn it .

And as for "The City" it doesn't compare at all to "The Hills" .

These look familiar .

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Levi's has came out with a skytop sneaker that looks too much like Supra's .
If you like them , I love 'em .
Purple is my favorite color but I'd have to pass on these .
However , I wouldn't mind copping these .
Credit -

The Bad Girls Club

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I'm slacking , but lately I've been working on my personal blog and getting that up and running . If we're cool , then you know what that is .
I love the viewers of this blog, and I hope they continue to visit. Although I'm sure there are some lurkers who are just being nosey .
so there goes this being 50 percent personal ..
anyway , while watching "The Bad Girls Club" I couldn't help but get annoyed with Kayla .
Like seriously the female has problems , in the beginning I thought she would be my favorite and the cool one but hell no . Her moods are up and down , and I understand how on tonight's episode Tiff was fed up with her shit. What really got me was the whole light skin vs. dark skin conversation . Being a dark skin female , I've heard all the bullshit and crazy comments but still have yet to hear a non ignorant conversation of the issue . I understand Kayla'a boyfriend done fucked up her mental when it comes to her complexion but I never even considered her to be dark skin, maybe it's just me but she needs to get over herself. It's funny how she was so a bit hush when Tiffany was going chi-town on that ass .

It's 2009, now what ?

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HAPPY 2009 !
I stopped making new years resolutions about two years ago , if you ask me why single one day of the year out to dedicate change. There's nothing wrong with resolutions, but lets be honest after the first week of the new year your resolutions are out of the window and you're back to old habits.
I simply avoid all the pressure , by addressing my goals for the new year .
It may not be a difference to some but to me its a whole lot easier .
my new years eve sucked and while I would of preferred clubbing I saved myself a hangover .
with that being said , my goals for the 2009
  • Get a job
  • at least a 3.0 gpa / focus more on school
  • save money
  • copp more sneakers
Those are my goals as of now , who knows by February I may have a whole 'nother mind set .
in the end , i just hope 2009 brings more to the table than '08 .