010909 - daily .

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Today was an eventful day .
woke up went to breakfast with the fam , being that I'm leaving to go back to Atlanta Sunday.
I'm not a big breakfast person, but it was decent until I found a piece of hair in my food. I swear some shit like that will fuck up your whole appetite .
After we went out to breakfast , I had to go to my high school and yes I still call it "my high school" cause me and my bitches ran that shit . I had to go make sure my old counselor sent off my transcript , the visit brought back old memories . I thought about visiting old teachers but was like naahh . One particular memory that my mom brought up was the "bloody brawl" as she likes to call it that me and my friends caused . I went to a predominately white school and me and my friends have been with the district sine 6th grade . Long story short, a few females also black decided to transfer to our school , and you know me and my friends paid them no mind , didn't kiss ass or ask questions . Eventually we started getting dirty looks , which led to arguments and one day after school the so called "bloody brawl" took place . I supposedly hit some girls mother who claims she had cancer and the bitch wanted to press charges ...ha good times ...enough about that .

I tagged along with my mom for the rest of the day while she did her thing , and laughed my ass off and a lot of things .
* I listened to Ciara's remix of Diva about 25 times because my mom had it on repeat .
* So to get her back , I bumped my GUCCI !
* I made a much needed hair appointment , :]
*..and I convinced my mom to take me to Victoria Secrets one last time before I leave .
I've had slow moments and one big ass freak out , not too long ago I told my mom I wanted to start wearing make-up and she took me to the MAC counter and bought me mad shit . Today I go to get my mascara and couldn't find it .
lol , some dudes didn't understand the big deal -clears throat - muh kay .
but i was going crazy , I tore my room apart and pulled everything out of the bathroom drawers .
I ended up finding it and that's all that matters , because I wasn't dishing out $15 for another one anytime soon .

Times winding down and I'll be back in the AUC - :]
so excited because my first roommate , after leaving because she couldn't afford it left and now she's back . She was mad cool and I was sad that she had to leave , now we can make up for lost time . Ready to hit the clubs up again , and spend time with him .


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