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I'll be deleting going on a hiatus. I thought about it, and I don't want to delete this blog just yet. No need to go into detail, just going through a lot personally and I hate not updating.
I have however been on tumblr a lot lately, so visit and bookmark pls.
once again, thanks to all my followers and lurkers.
it was fun while it lasted, peace :]

AnmlHse | The Mighty Anmls Summer '09

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AnmlHse Summer 2009 is available now.
The summer collection is inspired from "Roger Rabbit while incorporating some of our fondest memories of mid 90’s afternoon school specials, such as Duck Tales and The Mighty Ducks."
I'm really feeling the Mighty Ducks crewneck and the Mighty Anml snapback hat.
To view and shop the full collection click the links below.

Back By Popular Demand | Tough Love NYC

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The Black CC on White Tee by Tough Love NYC is now available again.
Don't miss out this round get yours | here
Not familiar with the brand, find out more about the streetwear brand |

She's Got The Look | Cindy Cohen

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Cindy Cohen is a model, author and Life Coach.
Cindy Cohen won the second season of She's Got The Look. I wanted her to win, she's also from the Midwest, so of course I had to root for her. Once homeless and a single mother she was ready to "..break out and be the model she always dreamed of becoming."
She seems to have been through a lot and I felt like she deserved it.
She's 40yrs old and could honestly pass for about 25.
I hope when I'm 40, I look as stunning as she.

Delores was also fabulous on this season, I'm glad she made it as far as she did.

Loso's Way

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Loso If you ain't no so..

So I've been meaning to download Loso's Way, and yes I said download. I can't remember the last time I bought a album. I didn't even buy Deeper Than Rap, so I sure as hell wasn't racing to buy this. Nothing against the artist or those who buy albums. Anywho, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The album is hot, don't get me wrong. However it's something I'll have to listen to a couple more times to actually determine how much I like it. I can listen to it all the way through if I had to, and I'm feeling at least three songs.

Favs are | Throw It In The Bag, Salute, Making Love, Everything, Everyday, Everywhere, Money Goes, Honey Stay and Last Time.

DMPC x Cassie | Electro Love

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DimePiece as I type is working with Cassie, on a new collection called "Electro Love"
Cassie is the new model for the upcoming lookbook and the line will include a line of exclusive collab. tanks and tee's, available this September.
I think this will be a good look for Cassie, modeling and fashion wise. Not so much for her music career. Hopefully it benefits both DMPC & Cassie.

To stay updated about the upcoming collection visit |

Copp' or Drop; Air Jordan 60 Plus

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Air Jordan 60 Plus | $100

The Air Jordan 60 Plus is a combination of the best features from the Air Jordan I, II, V, and VII's to create a combination of dopeness or what the hell?
They're available now and even start at a size 4.
Love the colorway, not the shoe so much.
However the more I look at them, the more they grow on me.
Too bad they stop at a size 7!


pics via | FemaleSneakerFiend

New Arrivals; F21 & Cirque 21

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New arrivals and better pictures of the Cirque 21 collection from their new line Twist.
The pictures I posted before didn't do the items any justice. While myself and others thought these pieces would run more than the usual F21 items, they don't. I haven't spotted anything outrageously priced yet. These are just a few of my favorite items, sadly the collections are limited and already sold out.
See more of the Cirque 21 and New arrivals here |