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I did this before, and recently found hope it in once again .
The most I ever made was $15 and it was mad long ago so I don't have a proof check or anything but, I currently have like $4.50 in my account and 28pts.

sooo, if you need extra money you should join.

& i'm also on,

It's mad easy, just make up a random email, and do the surveys.
There's all types of tips and tricks, to get around having ur surveys approved faster.

Hump Wednesday

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The week is almost over, and these are the random things floating through my head.

- One day till my birthday.
- Today was fun
- I have a banging ass headache
- No more classes, no more art projects, YES !
- I so badly wanna go out tonight, but I guess not
- "It ain't tricking if you got it "
- My mom after cursing me out, blessed my bank account so I guess my bday won't be so bad after all.
- I need a digi cam, bad.
- I need to go spring/summer shopping asap.
- I have a job interview Friday, yes another one and I hope I get the job.
- Rick Ross is the shit, and fuck you if you think otherwise.
- CAU is where it's at, school is mad expensive but its a great big family lol.
- I'm starting to understand the hype about the yeezy's but then again I don't.
- "you don't know nann ho", remember the old Trina ?

Mullage, performing "Trick'n"

NYLON x Nike: Release Date

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I'll take a pair of the pink & orange, please .
Available June 1st, at select nike & UO stores.
lets hope I'm working by then.
...AND if anyone wants to get me a bday gift feel free lol <3


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I have a lot on my plate at the moment.
the semester is coming to an end, so I have a couple projects/papers to focus on.
[working on a art project as I type.]
Still on the job hunt, so that I can remain in Atlanta for the summer.
Birthday is Friday, so yeah I'm stressed/overwhelmed.
I probably won't blog much until Thursday, being that I should have all of my work done by Wednesday morning...and after that I can breathhhhh.
thanks to my few followers, oh and the lurkers for continuing to visit.
follow me on twitter if you haven't already .

Hear the Statistics, Know the facts

Today was an aiight day, weather was nice so I was informed of a pool party at Morehouse.
Before we could even get there, it started to rain...again .
I wasn't gonna swim, but just go there chill around and socialize...wasn't in the mood after stuffing face and the rainy weather tho'.
Wednesday on the other hand, was interesting and fun to stay the least.
Did the basics, stuffed face, and went to hump Wednesday.
That was cool, then we went to this thing called "Do it for the hood".
I'm sure everyone including myself, thought it was going to be a party or some type of social gathering but we were wrong. Of course we repped our hoods and colleges, they did the mid-west so dirty man..I know our music scene isn't much compared to the south/east/west but dag.
To sum it up, the dude who puts on this thing told his life story and other stuff it was real deep and moving. Then the shit got real, of course we're in a setting full of college students so what would the topic be besides I've been to plenty seminars and such, but this one right here had a bitch thinking like DAMN...can we say abstinence forever.
I would hope anyone of college age, has taken at least one sex ed/health class and knows the basic facts as well as common sense facts. But when Dr.Bass/Chris Bass starting running down the facts and stories, showing really start to rethink that thing called sex and wonder if the consequences are worth it. IDK about others but I sure as hell was in deep thought.

Why does something that feels so good, if done right of course have the ability to cause so much pain and life long problems on all aspects?

So it's damn near 2am, once again as I'm blogging this which means- TGIF.
I feel some kind of way about there being MAD parties going on this weekend, and the fact that I probably won't attend ANY.
  • The Naked Party 6
  • Ladies Appreciation: Menage A' Trois
  • GLOW- "What's done in the dark, stays in the dark"
  • Pajama Jam
Now if I recall I recently made a post about how the parties aren't the same, and how I had mad fun at the naked party 5/last semester, what a cowinkidink !
If I had it my way, I would go out Today and Saturday. But nooo things don't always go my way.
I'm mad because my birthday is next weekend, and I feel as if there isn't going to be anything going on. Of course the Drake performance/party is going down on the 2nd, but I've pretty much gave up all hopes on that. Next weekend can either go one of two ways, either its going to be dead because finals are that following week so everyone is studying. Or it can be very eventful and hype because its basically the last weekend before everyone goes home for summer vacation. By the middle of next week, I'll know whats going on and how the plans are looking. It's not going to rain, so thats a start.

I'm not mad at you, just myself

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Dear Self,
You've been talking to this dude since what December, two days before you left for xmas break to be exact. Like most of your male friends, you met him on campus and he's turned out to be no different than the others. When he approached you, you didn't think much of it or him. Hell, when you met him you were on your way to meet your "bff" who as of now you have no communication with. Smh, niggas. Anyway back to dude, as you got back onto campus the new dude hit you up. You tried to keep your guard up and decline his offer to chill but eventually you were convinced. You thought, hey I'm not doing anything else why not? BIG MISTAKE ! When you come face to face with dude again, you realize he's a cutie, and he's from Detroit. Not far from where you rest at. It's almost 2am, so I'll keep this letter short. It's been 5 long months and you're still putting up with new dude. He's not so new anymore but his rudeness that you caught on to since day one hasn't changed a bit. So that's what we'll call him. You and rudeness have a weird relationship, yall aren't together but yall do things that may make you two come off as being together. You've talked to other males and lord knows what he's done with other females.
Then again, he's told you about the one female he's messed with and that's it. If he's talking to other females, why does he keep you around? That's why they call you "good ol faithful" huh? I never understood that joke between him and his friend, but it doesn't matter anymore.
You've said you were done with him on too many occasions, and while you've never ever called him to chill or talk. When he calls, you may hesitate but you end up right back at his place.
That's one thing I never understood, he's so disrespectful and rude..why do you continue to chill with him. His looks don't even matter anymore, because the person he is on the inside, have made him into a ugly person on the outside. A associate of mine, once asked if you loved the nigga. hell no! Is it the sex? You nodded your head yes..hell it has to be. Yes that's what it is, even though your feelings afterwards may not be the most positive, you can't deny that its hard to resist temptation. Is it just sex with him? You usually think so, but the night he hit you up and you told him your monthly was on..he still wanted you to be next to him..told you it's a weird relationship. He shows no emotion, expresses no feeling..but he wants you next to him just because. Lets wrap this up, you haven't talked to rudeness in about 2 weeks maybe longer. You said you were done with him, but he hits you up and once again your not doing anything you accept. You get over there and there's no rudeness but the vibe isn't there. You've made up your mind that nothings going to pop off, and your guard is up. He wants to get close and that's your cue.
You tell him you're leaving and he's not feeling it. That's when he enters rude mode. You leave, he calls, you send him to voicemail, he sends you a text "Stupid ass bitch." You laugh, what else is there to do. You can't be mad at him, only yourself. You allowed and put up with this disrespectful behavior for too long. You may have let him know you wasn't feeling it, but actions speak louder than words and you always ended up back in his arms. So what now? his number isn't in your phone, you deleted it about a month or so ago after a argument that left u in tears. While you don't call him, he calls you and you automatically recognize the number and u answer it anyway. NOT ANYMORE !
He's not even worth it anymore, shit he never was.
schools about to be over and he's graduating..what the hell else is there to say? The whole relationship was a big mistake, and I hope you never put yourself into this situation again.
All you can do is learn and live from the situation.



Deeper Than Rap

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In stores today , 4/21/09 .
I bought the other two, and I'm sure my step-dad is going to copp this one.
I'm broke, so for now I'll download, I'm going to buy it eventually.
Just to support my husband, :]

you can listen to it now on myspace.
I'm listening now, review coming .


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IDK Why I'm up at 8am, blogging let alone on the laptop.
I haven't been to sleep at all.
I had been hearing a lot about a new SK LX and
I finally found legit info on it the other day and I wasn't impressed.
I remember when the talk was that a touchscreen SK LX was coming out, doubted it.

Came across this on Nitrolicious, and damn near fainted.
IT'S PURPLE !!! well more like Orchid finish but whatever.
Just when I was tired of my sidekick, I found new reason to stick with it.
The improvements and new features excite me, but what I really wanna know is when are sk's going to be able to use ringtones not bought in the catalog.
That's really the biggest dislike I have
regarding my phone right now.

Available at select stores and online May 13th, 2009

More info and pic- Nitrolicious

What The Hellz?

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No seriously, I know someone whose a consistent viewer of my blog is probably tired of me posting about this acid wash denim jacket or just Hellz Bellz in general, but who gives a fuck.
The Acid Wash Denim Jacket is finally available on
I really had my heart out on copping this jacket, I mean its dope as fuck but for $172 I'll pass.
Maybe I'm tripping, but as a broke college student my priorities would be all fucked up if I dropped that much on a jacket.
I'll just admire it for now.

Saturday Ramblings

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random pic frm flickr

It's 4pm in the afternoon, and I haven't did anything I'm supposed to have done.

New layout, wasn't even planning on changing it today, I actually was trying to convert a live journal layout into wordpress, gave up on that and came across this header/layout on a website and wa-la . I had to go wayy back to the classic blogger to freaking use this shit and, now I understand why they upgraded. Of course with going back to classic, a lot of the things I had showing before aren't going to be up, (i.e follower, chatbox, going to previous post) and so on.
I like it, so I hope you love it.

It's nice outside today, and oddly enough no parties are going on tonight.
So I'm going to get dressed, run a few errands, come back to campus and I guess I'm gonna hit up this house arrest dance show type thingy.
I really need to get more homework done, so if all else fails, thats what I'll be doing.

peace <3


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So earlier while trying to find new blogs to read, I came across, which led me to download a hot ass 90's mix "The After-Party 90's Bedroom Jams" by DJ Mark Marcelo.
Finally something for me, us, the 90's babies.
Remember that song, "It's like Romeo and Juliet, hot sex on a platter just to get you wet" by Silk E Fine
I heard that and lost it, that used to be my shit.
I remember playing it over and over until I knew all the words lol idk why but yeah .

ooh boy I love you soo, never ever gonna let you go. I hope you feel the same way too!

We can do it till we both wakeee, oooohhh I wannaaaa seexx you up ! tic toc you don't stop.

Come and talk to me, I really wanna meet you girl, I really wanna know your namee.

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet, party on down to the xscape beat.

This is a mix you can clean the house to and reminisce or put on late night when you're with that special someone or having a booty call, whatever you wanna call it.
Basically you get my drift, and I know I'm mad late but better late than never.

download / purchase here

Special Delivery II: Renegades of Funk

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Hellz bellz has presented part II of their spring '09 collection.
"Renegades of Funk", which is a tribute collection to the electro- sound of 80's in NYC.
I'm loving these tee's , & still saving up for that acid- wash denim jacket .
Care to donate ?
View the complete lookbook on


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Lotus Ankle Strap Sandal
$28. 80

Pedicure time , I likes want these .

Today Was A Good Day

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WDYWT : Veece "Revenge" tee, F21 Jeans, Playoff 8's

Today was a good day minus the weather, but whats new .
I'm ready for it to warm up and stay warm !

Nothing important has happened since the last post, since I haven't posted my link to my personal website on here I try to vent a bit on here to stay true to the 50/50 name.
Idk but lurkers creep me out and I find it interesting
in the number of hits I get a day...but no comments hhmm !

Random, but why did this dude hit me up like "Are you spoiled, cause you look like it?"
the hell? He continued to go on saying that because of the way I dress, I look spoiled.
boy boo !
I've always been called spoiled, but I don't think so .
He also said how he knew I had to be from up north because Atlanta females can't dress, I couldn't disagree with that lol .

Best thing that happened to me today, was that I got my hair done for like half of what I usually pay. It was unexpected, I was on my way to CVS and passed the salon I usually go to and my hairdresser was standing outside. He later convinced me to just let him do it.
It was past due for a perm, so I'm happy as hell. I don't know about other females, but I feel shitty as hell when my hair isn't done.

oh and I found a boutique that has hellz bellz tee's for the low low .
I need to get back on my tee shit, especially since all of my favorite lines have dropped their spring collections. It's just that times are hard now and I just can't bring myself to drop $40 on a t-shirt like I normally would do.
I remember when I first got to Atlanta, and I went to P Valentine (Bobby V's and Big Boi's wife) Boutique and they had Hellz and MOB tee's for like $12-$15 because they were going out of business..I was geeked as hell .

I should be doing homework, instead of blogging.
peace <3


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My Easter weekend was fun, Friday I chilled around campus because I decided to get some homework done before leaving. I procrastinate like a bitch and if I wait till the last minute to do certain things, they won't get done. I left Saturday afternoon to visit my uncle, got to his place..chilled around and caught up then he decided that he didn't feel like cooking and his friend had to go pick up his mail. So we hop on the highway, I hate that everything is at LEAST 20mins away. I think we ended up in Conyers, GA but I still don't believe that because i was told that's only 30mins frm Atlanta but i swear we were driving for at least 1hr. Finally got to the destination, mad nice neighborhood..and the homes were *gasps* lovelyyyy ! lol, no seriously I'm like damn what the hell is YOUR occupation? So we chill at this dude's house for about another hour. When we got there it was about 5pm going on 6pm. I got to my uncles at about 3pm, and I was already hungry.
So I mean their talking and telling me about their gay stories and all that funny stuff, hardy har and what not but a bitch is starving and started to get impatient.
We all were hungry so, they wrapped it up, dude walked us out and we sat in the drive-way for another 15mins talking...only thing on my mind is food.
I noticed the sun was starting to go down, and it was soo perdy
so I took a few pics of myself :)..damn I need a camera!

Anyway, we finally leave and head to Golden Corral..this took another 1hr/30mins .
The first one we went to the line was out the door, so we had to drive another what 15mins to the next there at like 9pm and I was satisfied.

I never blog this much about days events lol so to wrap this up, I ate myself into a coma !
Usually when I go to buffet restaurants, it's a waste of money because I have like two plates and I'm full. NOT this time, I had THREE lol and it hurt to even breathe .
I will never eat that much in my life ...well no time soon anyway .

Overall it was fun, I've never heard the word "bitch" and "dick" thrown around so much in my life.
and they were flirting with the waiter, to where this fool took a break, got him a plate and sat down next to us. I've realized one disadvantage of hanging around gay males, they're checking out the same dude you checking out, like the fuck ? lol .

& now I have a place to stay over the summer, If I do get a job here .
I didn't even have to ask, he offered so I'm happy about that .

peace <3


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I doubt it .

The hell was she thinking, yes she's still a pretty female but overall I don't think anyone can pull this off and look normal. She might as well shaved it all off and pulled a Amber Rose .
Love those pink nails, tho' .

edit : okay I'll let her slide a bit..this pic doesn't look so bad .


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Just Got Paid - Johnny Kemp

I can still listen to this song, and enjoy it like it was just released .
When i'm at parties and they have there lil "old school" session, this is played ..
whether its friday or not lol.
So today is "Good Friday", no classes .
I'm just going to chill around, work on this art project and get some other work out of the way .
I was going to go visit and hang with my cousin, but i'm going to go in the morning.
If I wait any longer to do this project it won't get done.
I'm trying to have the majority of my work out of the way, before the last week of school.
So for my birthday weekend, I have no school related stress.
Went out last night, after being irritated and trying to avoid entering bitch mode on this one nigga..things finally worked out and we ended up at Frequency in underground which is the club I suggested in the first place...but nooo they just had to be different.
It was a PJ & Lingere party, and it's weird because I don't usually care for too much attention my way when it comes to my body, but last night I didn't care ..and the appletini sure as hell made it 2x's easier to not care...I didn't wear lingere, just the usual boy shorts and vs pink tee .
It was HOT as hell in there, you know its hot when you're sweating and you're just standing there..overrall I had fun .

gonna force myself to do this project .
peace <3


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Every girl - Lil Wayne ft. Young Money
This is my shit !


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My husbands and yes husband(s) as in plural lol.
Anyway my husbands Rick Ross, and T.I oh and my baby daddy Jeezy were under one roof this past weekend...I remember hearing about this show the one time I did listen to the radio and never looked more into it.

remember these two ?
Diamond from Crime Mob looks 2x's better than when she first appeared on the scene, no more "dread shakin" knuckin buckin' for her I guess.

Stressed x's 2

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first things first, this weather is crazy .
I had to pull my VS bubble coat back out and blow the dust off .
not really but you get my drift.
Isn't this supposed to be HOTLANTA ?
the hell, it's like 46 degrees right now.

So school is over MAY 8, woot .
Although most of my professors have said that we'll be done by April 29th.
Summer vacation is steady approaching, my stress level is increasing. Time to begin that job hunt, not like I haven't been looking. Where I end up staying for the summer depends on employment right now. If I find a job here, I'll stay in Atlanta...If not then back to Michigan it is.
I was on the phone with my mom today and she added to my stress. I've realized that no matter how much I heart my family I refuse to return to those living conditions. Like how are you going to tell me where I'm going to work and what I'm going to do over summer vacation?
HELLOOOOOOOOOOO , I'm an adult now !
I would rather spend my summer in Atlanta, working and stacking up .
Not following rules, or cleaning up after grown folk'.

So from now til the last week of school I'm basically putting in applications everywhere possible.
wish me luck <3

Currently Reading: Victoria's Secret

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"What would you do for your man? Would you whore for him? Victoria Gray is one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot on the hoe stroll. She goes through a tragic childhood only to be found by a love she never knew existed. Babyface, the love of her life, changes her whole perspective of living by saving her from a world of turmoil only to walk her into a Hell of his own.
Victoria s Secret is the most realistic story of today s new age pimping with a classy-thuggish style. It takes you on a journey through some of the harshest slums of our nation s capitol, Washington, D.C., and rushes you to some of the most talked about flamboyant night clubs in Atlanta, Georgia! Just when you thought it couldn t get any better, you ll travel through the gang infested streets of Chicago only to land a spot in the heart of one of the biggest Pimp Cities of the world, Memphis, Tennessee...the home of the infamous, Playa s Ball where every pimp dreams of becoming Pimp Of The Year .
Victoria s Secret will command you as you read her story all through the pages of her diary. You ll go through mood swings of pain, joy, sadness, happiness, love and hate. You ll also fall in love with characters so real...they ll materialize right before your eyes only to leave you begging for more.
The Skillful Pens Of Donald Goines & Iceberg Slim Have Arisen! "

My mom came across this book, read it, said it was a good read .
My freaking tv/cable cord is fucked up so I can't watch television and browsing the net gets old after a while. So I guess I can finally start reading this book.

XXI - simplicity .

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This look is soo moi, mad simple but edgy.
IDK why, but my closet basically consist of black, white and gray .
I'm going to try and brighten it up for the spring/summer tho'
I'm mad I slept on those peep toe ankle boots .


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Thank god it's Friday, I'm starting to anticipate the weekends even more now.
I'm so ready for summer vacation, im tired of this big ass circle called the AUC.

Decided to change up the look, nothing special or too much different .
I'm not really feeling it too much, header features pics from the DimePiece "Plastic City" Collection.
It won't be up for long, but browsing around I couldn't believe this dumb broad had the nerve to steal my M.A.C x Hello Kitty Header, for that piece of shit sob story ass blog...the fuck ?

So yeah it's Friday and im sitting here on the internet, sounds like mad fun .
I was going to hit up a party, but I went out last night to a foam party that basically had NO foam.
I woke up at 9am, didn't take a nap till about 7pm ..and woke up at
yeah I'm not feeling it.

Speaking of clubbing, why must i be known as the party girl?
I stay getting texts like "you going out tonight?" "what club you hitting up?"
I mean yes when I first moved to the A, I was partying non-stop ...basically Thurs-Sat ...but not anymore. Last night me and my friend were talking and it seems like I don't have as much fun as I used to during 1st semester.


Don't get me wrong, I've had fun at parties this semester but not like last semester.
Motions when it first started was niice, but now its just blah so I only find myself going when they have dope themes. IDK, maybe I just need a new crowd or atmosphere.

26 days till my birthday !
I feel like a big kid counting down the days, but fuck it .
The Drake tickets went on sale today, he's gonna be here the day after my bday so I think I'm going to add that to my list of bday events.

I'm all over the place with this blog, but oh well it's mine .
peace <3


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So I decided not to be lazy, while I've listened to this mixtape Dizzyana "no hooks" about 3 times all the way through I thought why not write a review and promote a bit.
I don't know who to compare Dizzy's music to, maybe that's a good thing .
some of his songs put me in the mind of The Cool Kids "Got Her Sweet"
( that's my shit! )while others songs.. the sound is just...him.
To get to the point, mixtape is hot shit . I'm not just saying that because I read his blog either.
I can listen to it from beginning to end, no I don't just like the beats..I can actually listen and create a visual in my mind and understand the purpose behind the lyrics.

favorite's as of now are
  • - Successful
  • - The Come Up
  • - Runnin'
"The number has shrunken on the folks that I'm cool with the bigger the number the more foolishness !" - amen lol .
  • - Pussy Money Weed
  • - Move If You Want to

need I continue.....

one thing you'll know by the end of this mixtape is that this dude does not like skinny jeans, on dudes i'm guessin lol .

download the mixtape here.