Hear the Statistics, Know the facts

Today was an aiight day, weather was nice so I was informed of a pool party at Morehouse.
Before we could even get there, it started to rain...again .
I wasn't gonna swim, but just go there chill around and socialize...wasn't in the mood after stuffing face and the rainy weather tho'.
Wednesday on the other hand, was interesting and fun to stay the least.
Did the basics, stuffed face, and went to hump Wednesday.
That was cool, then we went to this thing called "Do it for the hood".
I'm sure everyone including myself, thought it was going to be a party or some type of social gathering but we were wrong. Of course we repped our hoods and colleges, they did the mid-west so dirty man..I know our music scene isn't much compared to the south/east/west but dag.
To sum it up, the dude who puts on this thing told his life story and other stuff it was real deep and moving. Then the shit got real, of course we're in a setting full of college students so what would the topic be besides partying...sex. I've been to plenty seminars and such, but this one right here had a bitch thinking like DAMN...can we say abstinence forever.
I would hope anyone of college age, has taken at least one sex ed/health class and knows the basic facts as well as common sense facts. But when Dr.Bass/Chris Bass starting running down the facts and stories, showing pictures..you really start to rethink that thing called sex and wonder if the consequences are worth it. IDK about others but I sure as hell was in deep thought.

Why does something that feels so good, if done right of course have the ability to cause so much pain and life long problems on all aspects?

So it's damn near 2am, once again as I'm blogging this which means- TGIF.
I feel some kind of way about there being MAD parties going on this weekend, and the fact that I probably won't attend ANY.
  • The Naked Party 6
  • Ladies Appreciation: Menage A' Trois
  • GLOW- "What's done in the dark, stays in the dark"
  • Pajama Jam
Now if I recall I recently made a post about how the parties aren't the same, and how I had mad fun at the naked party 5/last semester, what a cowinkidink !
If I had it my way, I would go out Today and Saturday. But nooo things don't always go my way.
I'm mad because my birthday is next weekend, and I feel as if there isn't going to be anything going on. Of course the Drake performance/party is going down on the 2nd, but I've pretty much gave up all hopes on that. Next weekend can either go one of two ways, either its going to be dead because finals are that following week so everyone is studying. Or it can be very eventful and hype because its basically the last weekend before everyone goes home for summer vacation. By the middle of next week, I'll know whats going on and how the plans are looking. It's not going to rain, so thats a start.


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