nice,clean, and simple

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Nothing special about these besides that they're 12's .
nice, clean, and simple .
Set to release in December which is odd , being that's its just wrong to rock all whites during the winter season , cost is around $150 which I think is a bit much ...but eehh .

On another note I was in Nordstrom the other day and I realized I really want these, they're mad hot in person .

I live a crazy life - daily

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ppl always down my state ( Michigan ) for being sooo cold but i'd rather deal with snow than rain.
It's been raining non stop all day .
I wanted to hit up a house party but not in this weather , hopefully It clears by tomorrow and I'm able to hit up part 2 of house party weekend .

I didn't go to the one class i have on Friday's, and I've basically been mad lazy all day .
Nothing new right ?

Today this one nigga has just made my blood boil , I get irritated too quick to deal with bitch niggas.
so you think you're going to curse me out and talk to me any kind of way , NEGATIVE .
Yes I'm from Michigan but thats where the line stops I'm not any 'ol Detroit bum bitch or spelman chick you're used to fucking with .
am I wrong for giving you the dial tone, I think not .

I'm so fed up with dudes its ridiculous , its about to warm up and I don't need the drama or stress...time to focus on Jasmine Nicole .

I'll be going back to Michigan sooner than I thought , someone passed in my family soo yeah .
I have to find out when I'm leaving but it'll probably be sometime next week which is going to be hard because next week is mid-terms.
I feel kinder bad , because while im going back home ...I'm thinking about how I get talk my mom into getting my hair done and buying me some new M.A.C make-up anddd I get to eat all my favorite foods....annnnd see my family and my best bitches .

As of now I'm waiting on my friend to get here and we're going to chill , stuff our faces and I'm going to watch him get drunk lol fun times .
Happy Freaking Friday .

Other Sites

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have one , add me
if not for the time being its public , so be nosey .
comments are welcomed .

follow me , if you aren't already .

Enough Is Enough

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hey there dumb ass, I'll make this brief .
I'm usually the type of person to ignore others ppl business but being a dumb ass as went too far. I think there's two types of dumb asses in this situation .
1 . the dumb ass who in reality just "doesn't know"
2. the dumb ass who "knows but doesn't care"

Which one you are, I'm not sure both types are really sad in my opinion .
It seems that love is the reason for your dumbness but in my eyes , love doesn't make you feel worthless, love doesn't make you worry, love doesn't cause you to question your worth, love doesn't talk to you like you're a piece of shit, love doesn't blow you off, love doesn't wish you never met him and fallen in love, and last but not least love doesn't make you cry .
I think its time for you to realize that the person you love doesn't love anyone but his motherfucking self or maybe something is simply wrong with his mental .
Cause the shit he pulled is just unexplainable, hell like he even tried to explain..
I thought the situation with me was just one and maybe I was over exaggerating , but noooooo this nigga is really fucked up ..luckily all it takes is one time to cross me and you're done.
You know what they say , fuck me over once its your fault , fuck me over twice and its mine .
Hopefully before there is a next time you've come to your senses , then again you probably won't because.. you're in love right ?

This Has to be Hell

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cause this shit is hoooot
Hellz Bellz has finally blessed us with the "Culture Clash" Spring 2009 collection .
The acid wash denim jacket has been on my wish list since spring '08 and I'm guessing this time its finally being put out .

Love the back cut-out
I want this hoodie bad , the triangle/ and colorful embroidery is dope
and it reads "Natural Born Badass" on the back!!!

It's purple , what more is their to say !

Visit to see the rest of the collection .


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Don't mind me i'm just having a moment , most people look
at me crazy when I say Game is sexy but i don't care more for me .
I'm hurt I won't be in Michigan for his concert.

All Jokes Aside

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I feel some kind of way about this .
I don't care too much for Fat Joe but I love me some Rick Ross .
and on that note I think the whole 50 beef is ridiculous, the tactics he's taking I wouldn't be surprised if someone ended up hurt .

Baby Number Two

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Nicole Richie is expecting again !!!!!
“What’s better than winning an Oscar?"said Madden. "I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family.
Hope your (sic) all feeling as good as i am right now………”
- Joel
I'm mad happy for her , she's one of my major inspirations .

022109 - Daily

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sooo , tired of the pink just a bit .
I threw together a new layout .
The weekend for me is basically over , it was fun though .
I went to my last party at MOTIONS , shit was waaackk and a waste of money .
Last night went to Club Detour , there wasn't a big crowd but it was fun .
Free to get in and free drinks, whhat can't get any better than that .
I haven't gotten into a club for free in a while , most clubs do the free before 11/12 crap and don't start moving the line until its like 15 mins to ...soo shout out to broadway ent.
Although the night ended with drama with two Spelman chicks, dressed alike .

Soo I'm chillin today, I have three art projects and a lyceum due tuesday ...
in the mist of writing this my friend called and long story short , I just came in from a house party .

I'm tired , so on that note I'll end this.
time to watch trutv and cake a bit .

021909 - DAILY

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Yoooo I've been hit with the 'itis .
Ya know the 'itis after you eat a good meal , and your eye lids start getting heavy .
yeahh so im getting in bed , and hitting up Motions tonight .

Am I the only one not fond of music on other blogs ?
like , I'm sitting hear listening to my shit and I just decide to visit your blog and it
interferes with mine, if you're going to have music at least take it off auto-play damn .


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One of my favorite magazines have teamed up with Nike Sportswear .
They'll be available this June , I mos def wouldn't mind a pair of the pink colorway .
Until then drool over these in the April issue of NYLON .

Are you addicted ?

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I signed up for facebook a looong time ago, although I didn't actually start using it till I made my transition from high school to college . I always preferred myspace, I still use myspace and update for the most part but nine times out of ten I'm on facebook .

10 warning signs that you may be addicted to Facebook

1. Facebook is your home page.

2. You update your status more than twice a day.

3. You have over 500 "friends" half of whom you've never actually met.

4. As soon as you step away from your computer you're on FB on your phone.

5. You are a FB stalker. You qualify as a FB stalker if you

a) click on someone's profile more than once a day even if they haven't messaged or tagged you in a photo.

b) have dragged and dropped more than 3 FB photos (not from your own profile)

c) actually go to a place mentioned on someone's page in hopes of seeing them in real life...creepy!

6. You change your profile picture more than a 12-year=old girl.

7. You have checked your FB page while reading this article.

8. You clean up your "wall" so it looks like you spend less time on FB.

9. You are a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every event invitation "attending" even if you have no intention of going.

10. You change your relationship status just to mess with people.

are you addicted ?

speaking of social sites, this is so true .

twitter is coming up in the e-world .


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"You acting like a real bitch nigga, I already got a main bitch, nigga !"

soo what happens when niggas are acting like bitches , I turn to my real bitches and we chill hot wings and take photos ...oh yeah all on Valentines day night .
some losers we are ha .

For all those college students

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I never pay attention to the stimulus situation, mainly because last year when everyone was getting theirs my mom didn't lol . She's in a whole 'nother tax bracket so yeahh .
but this caught my attention, being that I'm trying to avoid be in debt till I die .

Higher Education:

The maximum Pell Grant, which helps the lowest-income students attend college, would increase from $4,731 currently to $5,350 starting July 1 and $5,550 in 2010-2011. That would cover three-quarters of the average cost of a four-year college. An extra 800,000 students, or about 7 million, would now get Pell funding.

The stimulus also increases the tuition tax credit to $2,500 and makes it 40 percent refundable, so families who don't earn enough to pay income tax could still get up to $1,000 in extra tuition help.

Computer expenses will now be an allowable expense for 529 college savings plans.

The final package cut $6 billion the House wanted to spend to kick-start building projects on college campuses. But parts of the $54 billion state stabilization fund — with $39 billion set aside for education — can be used for modernizing facilities.

There's also an estimated $15 billion for scientific research, much of which will go to universities. Funding for the National Institutes of Health includes $1.5 billion set aside for university research facilities.

Altogether, the package spends an estimated $32 billion on higher education.

Sounds nice eh , I need to fill out my FASFA asap .


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I'm sitting here bored , on the phone , stomach hurting .
Today has not been my day at all .
I'm mad tired , and I have to get up early to get a last minute vday gift and whatever else .
Now that I think about it , I'd rather not have a valentines because I'm stingy .
This will be my first time ever buying a dude anything .
Not the Vday I hoped for but it's whatever .

Surveyyyy time .

1) Do you like anyone?
I did ...

2) Are you a flirt?
some like to think so ..

3) Are you a player?
not anymore...

4) Would you get back together with any of your ex'"s?
idk ..depends..

5) Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
no .

6) Do you want a valentine?
kinder sorta..doesn't matter anymore..

7) Are you SINGLE?
yep ...

8) Do you prefer group dates or single ones?

9) Would you kiss light or makeout sessions?
light ...

10) Do you like cuddling up while watching a movie?

11) Any plans for valentines day?
not really ...

12) What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
jewelry ...

13) For a guy ?

14) What is special about the day?
the small things..then again everything...


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So today , I'm feeling good .
despite a few personal problems, I woke up smiling .
good enough , to step it out in heels .
the fuck ? was I thinking .
So people always nag me about only wearing sneakers and flats and fuck what they say after today I'm sticking to my sneaks lol .
not really, but for the most part .
I only had one class today, so now I'm just chillin waiting on friends to get done with class so we can go to Westend to get the nails done AGAIN (my nails were messed up) and then to Cumberland or Perimeter for shopping ...and whatever else falls into play.
Got picture happy, a few minutes ago ...

Did she just paper bag me

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I went to a light skin vs dark skin seminar thing today and it was interesting .
First they paper bag tested everybody, I was split up from my friend .
Won't get into the whole issue but , a few questions that caught my interest were
-Good & bad hair
I sure as hell ain't rocking the natural and I use perms , so I must have bad hair lol
-The darker the berry the sweeter the juice and if its true .
shiiit I think so :]
oh and one thing that always causes me to catch a straight attitude is the
" you're pretty for a dark skin girl "
like wtf kind of ignorant shit is that .

Short hair, but i care!

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I'm so bald now aah .
It's getting warm here in atlanta, and with that being said .
I'm done with weaves for a while , my hair used to be so long but it was damaged .
reason being , the short cut .
I have to get used to this crap , but at least he likes it .

Never satisfied

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Another lazy Sunday , I just got in about a hour ago .
I was going to try and go to Perimeter mall, since I got caught up with something Saturday and couldn't go when my friends went, but they close at 7pm and the ride there is too long and I would be rushing.
So instead I'll try and fit it into my list of things to do tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have no classes, so I'm waking up handling some business, going to the mall, and hopefully getting my hair done.
I miss my real hair, this always happens.
When I'm rocking my own hair, I want a sew-in.
When I finally get the sew-in, I wanna wear my real hair .
I'm never satisfied !
Of course I take my cam everywhere with me , and I always try to get a decent "WDYWT" shot.
I just never upload to my comp, that same day .
Anywho, this is from Friday before I went to Little Five Points to do some shopping .
the weather in Atlanta has been nice these last couple of days, and I'm not complaining - YET .
Just wait till it gets real hot , omg !

020509 - Daily

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Your creativity will help you start cutting back on a few of your expenses today.
Let that friend or sweetheart know how you're feeling, even if it seems kind of dorky to open up. You've got the right kind of emotional energy to rally tap into your heart and let it shine.

Sometimes my horoscopes are sooo true , its scary .
Been slacking a bit with this blogging thing, trying to focus on other stuff .
anyway today was loooong , got done with class at 12pm - walked over to Westend got my nails done. Then headed to the mall to do some shopping.
Is it crazy that I like to shop by myself ?
like seriously, I can't be on the phone or anything I get too distracted.
Or if I'm with someone, I feel rushed.
I didn't do too much damage, my mom is being hard on me about budgeting soooo yeah .
I've realized that I hate public transportation, every time I ride the Marta its something new .
today a man made a public announcement of him needing $9 to stay at a homeless shelter
in my head I'm like " homie please sit down ".
Crazy thing is that people really dug into their pockets and cashed dude out...smh .

Long weekend ahead, supposedly no school tomorrow or Monday.
The economic crisis has hit CAU and teachers are being fired/laid-off so schedules are being changed...i'm not complaining .

No partying for me this weekend, just relaxation and chilling with the babes.
Happy Friday .


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I came across this line last year around this time, and I love the concept and how its the opposite of other t-shirt brands.
I'm mos def feeling the "Love Stinks" tee , and its just in time for the bitter people who dread Valentines Day or just love in general.
& unlike other brands, this shirt won't damage your pockets !
$32 , with free shipping and it comes with free pins, a air freshner and a free treat .
copp yours at

Purple madness

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pic -
While out the other day, I decided to stop in this sneaker store .
and spotted these , sucks they don't come in my size -
but i'm feeling them none the less .
speaking of sneakers, three people withing the previous week have told me that its time for me to start wearing heels more . It's crazy, the only person who understands me when it comes to sneakers is my step-dad. I do wear heels, but most of the time its when I'm clubbing ...I could see if I was 21-25 still rocking nothing but sneakers but I'm only 18 geez .
Enough of that , I also spotted another pair of sneakers that I've been wanting .
I won't say too much until I get them, but lets just say I claimed the last size .


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So today was my lazy day , partied last night so I had to catch up on my rest .
I finally watched 'My bloody Valentine". I didn't have the 3D glasses, plus it was bootleg,
so I didn't get the full effect or a clear picture.
It was aight though , 7/10 .
The ending was a surprise, I thought it was the black cop for a minute lmao .
he was always somewhere lurking around looking suspicious .

mini update on moi - things are aight , jumping back into this school thing and still on the job hunt.
I finally got my art supplies for my two art classes. I'm not a fan of art, so to dip into my shopping money and spend 100+ on supplies got under my skin!

-more personal on the other site, so check that out if you have the link .