Enough Is Enough

posted under , by Jasmine Nicole

hey there dumb ass, I'll make this brief .
I'm usually the type of person to ignore others ppl business but being a dumb ass as went too far. I think there's two types of dumb asses in this situation .
1 . the dumb ass who in reality just "doesn't know"
2. the dumb ass who "knows but doesn't care"

Which one you are, I'm not sure both types are really sad in my opinion .
It seems that love is the reason for your dumbness but in my eyes , love doesn't make you feel worthless, love doesn't make you worry, love doesn't cause you to question your worth, love doesn't talk to you like you're a piece of shit, love doesn't blow you off, love doesn't wish you never met him and fallen in love, and last but not least love doesn't make you cry .
I think its time for you to realize that the person you love doesn't love anyone but his motherfucking self or maybe something is simply wrong with his mental .
Cause the shit he pulled is just unexplainable, hell like he even tried to explain..
I thought the situation with me was just one and maybe I was over exaggerating , but noooooo this nigga is really fucked up ..luckily all it takes is one time to cross me and you're done.
You know what they say , fuck me over once its your fault , fuck me over twice and its mine .
Hopefully before there is a next time you've come to your senses , then again you probably won't because.. you're in love right ?


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