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I was going to put together a polyvore, but it's not needed .
my favorite trends of 2008 , were simply the return of flannel prints and ankle booties .
even though I bought my first pair in 2007 .
It's sad there are more worst trends than decent ones .
One thing I did notice through out the year is that too many people tried so hard to stand out and be different. Nothing is wrong that , but remember for 2009 throwing on every color of the rainbow or mixing trends and prints does not classify you a trendsetter nor different but simply a hot mess .
What's next , the 80's trend - oh em gee .
Some people did well with it and others just took it too far .
All in all the worst trend of 2008 , making leggings your outfit .
No problem with leggings but some people need to realize that their not pants.
I'm sure the leggings trend will continue into 2009, especially the liquid
leggings which might i add aren't for everybody .
if you have to ponder or think about how you'll look , than more than likely its not for you .
As for sneakers i'd have to say the worst was Jordan fusions and my fav even though I didn't copp would be the 11/12 CDP, Surpa's also had a good year .

For 2009 and many years to come , remember less is best .
"Only great minds can afford a simple style."


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I'm mos def starting to miss the "A", it's been what 2 weeks and its about that time .
I love my hometown, but it's just too slow .
I'm having partying/clubbing withdrawls, isn't that crazy .
no set plans for NYE , hoping to come up with something .
I refuse to sit in the house , or someone elses house for that matter being stupid and getting fucked up like last time .
Today, of course I hit up the VS SEMI-ANNUAL SALE .
picked up a few things , nothing major .

i want 'em .

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I've been looking all over for black on black blazers of my liking and then i come across these on and got excited .
now would anyone like to tell me where I could copp these ?


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Although the semi-annual sale has already started online, it officially starts in stores tomorrow .
Avoid the trouble of waiting for your order and paying s&h fee's by stopping in the store and checking the sale out .


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This Christmas sucks , for some reason no one including myself are in the xmas spirit.
Hopefully new's years will just be lovely .

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Seven Pounds

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So I just finished watching "Seven Pounds" and I must admit it was interesting .
I had seen the previews and knew it looked like something I wanted to see .
The beginning was slow , but
overall it was a good movie .


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The Hills season finale of season four aired tonight . I've been following this show from the beginning and after each finale I want moreee . Luckily according to Lauren, it isn't over yet .
I'm glad Spencer came to his senses with the whole wedding charade, hopefully when they decide to make their marriage legal, it's a traditional one with friends and family .
Skip all that, the season was interesting . The most interesting moment was towards the end when Audrina accused Lauren of hooking up with Justin Bobby, like
seriously how dumb can you be .
Anyone with two eyes and whose been following the show knows that a incident like that would never happen . I used to feel for Audrina when the whole house problems and drama with LO was going on but Audrina takes the title for dummy of '08
Can't wait for the new episodes , until then I'm anxious to see if Whitney's new show "The City" will amount to The Hills .

I loved Lauren and LO's fashion picks, sadly I'm not sure what Whitney
was thinking this time around.

pick - up .

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I spotted this bag, the other day and had to have it .

* due to the layout i have, i only have two post viewable at a time .
I try to blog everyday and sometimes multiple times a day so don't hesitate to test out that "older post" link .


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I haven't created a set on polyvore in a while, and decided to throw something together .
Flannels and ankle boots are my must haves for now .

wait no more .

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Today is the day all the hypebeast and true Jordan
fans have been waiting for .
I won't put myself into that category, but I was hoping to be able to copp the 11/12 CDP package it sucks the funds are low and I would be damn' to drop $200 on sneakers when I have other priorities. I will get them eventually , not the first time I've slept on sneaks .

thanks mom

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I'm trying to blog everyday, and im on the way out of the door to chill with my biotchess .
but nothing special happened today , I laid around like usual .
My mom's been asking me what I wanted for Christmas and honestly I don't know...I do but I don't. Anyway, she bought me these to start off. I've been wanting a Dooney for the longest and I prefer it anyday over COACH , been there done that . I'm not too fond of these styles, my favorite is the brown one, the white is hideous but thanks mom lol .

Mag madness .

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While away from home, I wasn't able to read my monthly subscriptions of NYLON and Seventeen.
I come back home, hoping my mom has stacked them up for me, and well she didn't .
So far I've only been able to come across the recent issue of NYLON with Lily Allen on the cover about pissed .
Anyway, I didn't even recognize Lily, I saw her name but the new look threw me off .
I haven't finished the issue yet but so far it's love as always .

I'm a fan of urban fiction, and I've challenge myself to read the 7 books pictured by Jan 13th...we'll see how that goes .

Jingle bells .

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wth, im mad this is a official / real video .
Looks so bootleg , only because it's Juelz Santana I'll dismiss it .

Home for the holidays .

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Never thought I would say it , but it feels good to be back in Michigan .
Being around my true friends, and family...and of course the weather .
People look at me like I'm crazy when I say I love the winter season, but I do .
The trip home was a disaster, never again will I fly standby.
I arrived at the airport at 8am, hoping to get on the 10am flight to Flint, MI ..that didn't happen .
I ended up not leaving until 4pm, flying into Detroit ....worst day ever .
Sitting in a airport for all those hours , boredom kicked in .
Check dude out, wearing Jordan 13's ..I was tickled .
shows being a Jordan lover, has no age or color .

Teyana Taylor Turns 18

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Every since seeing her for the first time on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" I always thought Teyana's style was unique , and so out of the box . She recently celebrated her 18th birthday at Kush Lounge in NYC. She wore a Herve Leger dress and shoes by Cesar Paciotti.
Guest included Dawn and check my bitch Jackie-O out .

I don't know which look I like best, but this one definitely makes up for the boob spillage and sneakers mess at the Mac and Heatherette collection launch party.


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If you know me I'm always claiming that I'm "full of hellz" well got damn I am .

Hellz Bellz "Born Bad" holiday '08 collection is now available.
The collection is inspired by American actress and sex symbol Mae West.

"The Slayer Top"
"Emma Hoody"
"Zig Zag" turquoise leggings

and of course , the tee's
It doesn't stop there, check out for the rest of the collection.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" - Mae West


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So my first sidekick got stolen , long ass dramatic story behind it but either way I got another one earlier this week and my life is now complete once again. Before I bought a new sidekick, it was between that or the G1 and I just couldn't bring myself to part from the kick. Anywho, I've realized I'm so careless I've had my kick back for less than a week and almost lost it twice. At least this time I have insurance.

The Best Quickie EVER !

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Today was the last day of classes , man this semester flew by . Before I know it summer will be here. Anyway the best news I came across was a myspace bulletin about the M.O.B Quickie collection release of "old favorites".
So I damn near lost it when I saw the "Other Bitches Just Front" tee, that is mos def on my Christmas list along with other MOB tee's I've slept on.
To view the rest of the collection, check out