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I was going to put together a polyvore, but it's not needed .
my favorite trends of 2008 , were simply the return of flannel prints and ankle booties .
even though I bought my first pair in 2007 .
It's sad there are more worst trends than decent ones .
One thing I did notice through out the year is that too many people tried so hard to stand out and be different. Nothing is wrong that , but remember for 2009 throwing on every color of the rainbow or mixing trends and prints does not classify you a trendsetter nor different but simply a hot mess .
What's next , the 80's trend - oh em gee .
Some people did well with it and others just took it too far .
All in all the worst trend of 2008 , making leggings your outfit .
No problem with leggings but some people need to realize that their not pants.
I'm sure the leggings trend will continue into 2009, especially the liquid
leggings which might i add aren't for everybody .
if you have to ponder or think about how you'll look , than more than likely its not for you .
As for sneakers i'd have to say the worst was Jordan fusions and my fav even though I didn't copp would be the 11/12 CDP, Surpa's also had a good year .

For 2009 and many years to come , remember less is best .
"Only great minds can afford a simple style."


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