in the mood .

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So this holiday weekend wasn't as bad as i thought .
I wasn't with immediate family but , I still had a nice turkey day .
I've been in such a movie mood lately, and the bad weather in the A just makes it even more tempting .
Saturday, I went to see Four Christmases and I must say it was funny. I always thought Vince Vaughn was a great actor , and this movie continues to prove my point .
I have two more weeks of classes, and then its back home for the holidays , time to countdown !


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I thought the beef was over between T.I and LO .
Apparently not, here a fight breaks out at the Atlanta Dirty Awards while T.I and his Grand Hustle fam performs hit song
"Ain't I" which he disses Shawty lo on .
Mad crazy, and peep how the show goes on as dude is laid out on the ground .
Can't we all just get along and make money !