Mixtape Monday; Gucci Mane ♥ The Movie Pt. 2

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I finally listened to the whole thing and I give it a 7/10.
Favs are; Beat It Up Ft. Trey Songz, Gucci Ft. Shawnna & Nicki Minaj and the bonus track Wasted (Remix) Ft. OJ Da Juiceman & Plies which isn't exactly new. There are about 2 or 3 more songs that I like, but those are the ones that first come to mind.

download | here

Resurface ♥ Crop Tee's

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The type of shit that make you hate those skinny chicks or better yet envy them and dedicate yourself to a mean workout plan.
Crop tee's are resurfacing, and before this gets out of hand there needs to be a public announcement to some that these aren't for all.
If all else fails, it won't hurt to layer a crop tee over a fitted cami and call it a day.
Just have to know how to work it!

all tee's can be found at Forever21.com

Bakers Fall Preview; Stacy Peep toe Platforms

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Bakers "Stacy"; $79.95
I need these in my life.

Back In The Day ♥ Cash Money Millionaires

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I will always miss and prefer the original cash money over the new one.
Back then I didn't even pay attention to Lil Wayne like most try to claim.
It was all about B.G & Juvie, feel me?

Special Delivery; Hellz Bellz Contest Prize

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I want to thank Hellz Bellz, once again for picking me as one of the winners
of their "Hook Up" contest.
Like I said before (on twitter and my other blog) to some this is no big deal, but for a non believer like myself I was mad geeked when I saw that I had won. I'm a big fan of Hellz, been for a while now and this just made my love for the brand grow a little stronger. Enough of all the mushy sh*&, as you can see I picked the black and white eye see you tank, and they even gave me two hellz stickers and a post card.

Block The Sun-Rays ♥ Mosley Tribes x Hellz Bellz

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Mosley Tribes x Hellz Bellz glasses, Spring 2010.
Love the red & black pair.
Stack your pennies, you have time!

pics via; highsnobiety

I Can Do Bad All By Myself; Tyler Perry Movie

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I won't throw much shade at Tyler Perry, However I'm wondering what makes this one different from the rest. The setting and everything else resembles all the others. I think the overall thing to get out of his movies would be the message. It looks decent, and of course I have to support my girl Tariji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez isn't too bad looking either.

WSHH; Nonsense

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I have yet to see this commercial on tv, however I don't know why I refuse to believe it is real.
I'm not offended, however I think the commercial is wrong and a lot of people probably are insulted and offended by it.

Lol; This is one ass whooping I wouldn't want as a child. However I think this classifies has a dag on beat down. Especially when female starting hitting him with the painting.

Wow, mother would be proud!

UO; Fall Picks '09

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I can't stop looking at those Deena & Ozzy peep toe wedge boots, and surprisingly they're reasonably priced.
They're different and most wouldn't expect me to wear them, I want 'em!
Blazers and chain handbags are also a must as well as the jean selections.

Browse and shop the early fall catalog | here

Laugh Of The AM; MrChiCity3

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I'm mad I'm just now coming across this dudes youtube page.
It's funny, because everything he said is soo true.
I'm sitting here thinking, I'd take the Coke (even though I prefer Mountain Dew or something else) and then he mentioned the hot flamin's..lol that is soo me.
check out his youtube channel | MrChiCity3

Too Hot | Hellz Bellz x 80's Purple

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009; Hellz Bellz and 80's Purple are having a event for "our people and our fans", which includes an all star DJ line up, live performance from U-N-I, t-shirt screening from Hellz, Obey and more.
As well as Free giveaways, and an open bar If I was in CA, I mos def would try and hit this up.
Don't miss out if you're in the area!
Via | Whatthehellz.com


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Forever 21 has presented a new line called Forever 21 Twist, a in-house design, exclusively designed by Forever21. The line will consist of limited collections and its first collection; Cirque 21, will be available June 29th, 2009
While the collection may dig into your pockets more than the normal F21 items, its well worth it. There will be a new collection, with a new theme every 4 weeks. So it gives you time to save up!

The line is cool, nothing I haven't spotted anything to get excited about, however I could see myself in the purple skirt.
Reminds me of the line Twelve By Twelve.

View the complete lookbook | Forever 21 Twist

Blondes Have More Fun

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Stepping outside of the box has been a trend lately when it comes to celebrities and their hair, so I'm not even going to waste my font on this one. I'll just say I had the pleasure of seeing Day 26 at a meet & greet and I prefer the natural black on Que. I mean ..blonde, tho?
Just couldn't be satisfied with a simple design? I guess since Dawn got a make-over, he wanted one too.

pics via; Dawns twitter

New Arrivals; Nasty Gal

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Nasty gal, has new vintage arrivals.

Norma Kamali Buffalo Plaid Shirt; $228

Sequined Denim Shorts; $128

Dresses and more new arrivals can be found here.

Nails Did; Summer colors for Dark skin?

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M.A.C Nail Lacquer; $11

Looove this color!
It's time for a visit to the nail shop, and I'm stuck between going the short, simple and soft look vs. the longer than most and what some may think of as "ghetto" nail art.
Why is it so hard to find cute summer colors that go well with dark skin tones?
Any suggestions, I'm tired of hesitating when I go to pick a color/colors because I'm not sure if they're too bold. I've heard that its best to stick to soft, and darker colors but its summer time..so yeah.

WTF; Rihanna's New Haircut

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I usually agree with everything Rihanna does, but this new haircut is not a good look.
It goes into the Cassie category, of shave it off and start all over.
A what the fuck and why!
If she likes it, I love it!

Special Delivery; HB ♥ Kicks After Six

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The limited 6 piece "Kicks After Six" collection has been reveled in this short film.
One word; dope. This collection I'm sure has hit us all unexpectedly, while most brands are working on things for Fall '09 and even Spring '10. Hellz gave us one last summer collect to cash out for. The line is described as displaying "..ongoing graphic themes incorporating the idea of empowered defiant women that exude nothing but vicious confidence."

The collection is available in stores, now.
Hopefully soon us online shoppers will be able to get our hands on these pieces as well.
hellz-bellz.com | Whatthehellz.com

Wishlist; Jeanie Jumpsuit

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This Jeanie Jumpsuit if you ask me go into
the category with harem pants and liquid leggings.
Meaning it just isn't made for everyone.
However I'm admiring it, and I'll attempt
to see if it works for myself
whenever my next visit to F21 is.
You ever see something, and all types of
looks and ideas run through your head?
That's how I feel about this!

Handbag Heartbreak; Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs Stardust Cecilia Bag; $1,475
..If I were a rich bitch.

Never Satisfied; New Theme

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I'm never satisfied, which explains the new look.
I'm not feeling the set-up of the post, but it'll do for now.
I might try to tackle and mess with the coding of it but;
Other than that, I like it and it's up to stay for a while.

Hellz Bellz; Kicks After Six

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"Good girls get their kicks after six
She wants what she never had
All the things that make a good girl bad
She gets her kicks after six."

This is a trailer for the upcoming Hellz "Kicks After Six" capsule collection.
After watching this, all I could say was; "Is that it?"
Not in a bad way, I'm wanting to see more of course.
Although from what I did see, I'm excited to see the rest.
That tee is hot, and I mos def would rock!
The collection will be in stores this week

Movies; The Final Destination

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Wouldn't mind seeing this, for some reason I had a feeling it was going to be 3-D
because of how the objects were coming towards the screen.
Also assuming this is the last of the final destinations It should better be interesting.
Dunno though its looks a little cliche.

Getting Face; photo's from the video shoot

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Showing off her new LV bag.

Behind the scene photos of Rick Ross's song "Getting Face!" which features Trina.
Whose looking better than ever, must be love lol. I really like that hairstyle on her verses the lace fronts.
love the song, can't wait to see the video.

pics via; Trina's blog.

The Game; Give it up already

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I love me some Game, but I'm not understanding his beef with Jay-Z.
I never understand anyone's beef with Jay-Z, I mean I don't think its possible to end his career through a song or freestyle. I'm lmao, at the crowd full of erm non-black people
screaming "Old ass nigga" where they do that at?
Game needs to give it up and just focus on his career.

he's old, he has big lips, he's with beyonce, yadda yadda. The same attack everyone tries to use that fails.

New blog; mob-xxi

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new blog
So if i'm not blogging as much as I used to, you can find me here.
nothing too exciting, just decided to make another blog for strictly personal use.

Kesh; Out with the old, in With the New

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Kesh, has released two new shirts and has changed her look a bit.
I'm sure the recent trend of the shaven head might of encouraged her.
Either way, no one rocked it like her. Sad to see the curls go, but I'm sure it was for the best.
As for the shirts, they're cool. Being that its summer time, I would of liked to see the usual bright, funky colors, big stiches and "K's" but maybe next round.
Get yours here for $28!

"It was a slut. It was all over the place on the heads of beautiful girls around the world and i couldn't believe it would do me like that."
pics via; my email & her blog.

Shaking My Head; School Shooting

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"..Police said more than 22 rounds were fired during the shootout."
I love my school and the environment, minus the fact that its smack dab in the middle of the hood. Right off MLK and by the West end. I miss it and all, but not this part of it.
& for $30,000 a yr, we shouldn't be worried about our safety this tough, smh!
read full story here.

Must have; Denim Jackets & Vests

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This summer season Denim jackets and vests have been put back on the list of must have items.
Not like it's too hot for them anyway, this weather is so unpredictable.
I don't think denim outerwear will ever go out of style.
I've added them to my list of copp's and if you're into having something to throw over your tee, tank, romper, dress or whatever then you should to.

Top shop; $64.92Topshop; $64.92
Forever 21 ; $24.90

Pic - via; lookbook.nu

Teyana Taylor & Chris Brown "I'm Illy" Freestyle

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"Red lightening in my hair, I'm looking on the bright side."

Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor, freestyle to T.I's "I'm Illy"
I never knew Chris to rap, or maybe I just never paid attention. Either way glad to hear him making music and stepping back into the public. What do I think about the freestyle? It's cool, decent.

Sneak Peek; Dimepiece fall/winter '09

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sneak preview, of the DimePiece fall/winter collection.
Looks like its going to be full of boss bitch material
The barbie clone leggings are hot and already calling my name.

Holiday Weekend

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What are your plans for independence day?
Well it's officially Friday, which marks the holiday weekend. I love when holidays fall on the weekend. What's up with me? the usual. I haven't heard of anyone in my family hosting a BBQ, and I'm not tripping we've BBQ'd twice within this last week. I'll probably check out the Carnival and it's a couple parties afterward. It would be nice to watch the fireworks with a special someone, but ehh maybe next year. Watching them with female friends or your fam, is just; boring!

"...But you aren't perfect, so it's still a good idea to think your plan through to conclusion before climbing out on a limb."
-060209 horoscope

On the personal tip, I've been having my ups and downs. I think I let certain stuff get under my skin too easily. Like my horoscope suggests I just have to realize that I'm not perfect and no one is. I put a lot of pressure on myself and always prepare for the worst. I try not to give two fucks but I am human. I woke up this morning wanting to put this little blog on hiatus and delete all my accounts on other social sites. As you can see, this blog isn't going no where. I think i'm just tired of this layout. and the other part just didn't feel like posting anymore. Idk just one of those days. Not going to go into much detail cause you never know whose lurking on this thing.
I'm working on a new layout, and it'll be up soon.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday, I'm sure hoping the best for mine!

Shall I proceed? YES INDEED!

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"I know what I'm doing, I ain't losing my mind
I'm just so advanced I'm ahead of my time
You all stuck at the back, I'm ahead of the line
Even in the dark, I'm still gon' shine
You'll see what I mean in 2009
I kick outer space raps - ILL RHYMES"
- Lil Kim ( from the La Bella Mafia album )

Well, it's 2009 and the most we've seen of Lil Kim is Dancing With the Stars.I'm ready for Ms. White to drop another album, I like Nicki Minaj and all but she's no comparison to the queen. & excuse the vulgar and raunchy photo, but that is the kim that we all know and love not the cosmetic Kimberly.