Holiday Weekend

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What are your plans for independence day?
Well it's officially Friday, which marks the holiday weekend. I love when holidays fall on the weekend. What's up with me? the usual. I haven't heard of anyone in my family hosting a BBQ, and I'm not tripping we've BBQ'd twice within this last week. I'll probably check out the Carnival and it's a couple parties afterward. It would be nice to watch the fireworks with a special someone, but ehh maybe next year. Watching them with female friends or your fam, is just; boring!

"...But you aren't perfect, so it's still a good idea to think your plan through to conclusion before climbing out on a limb."
-060209 horoscope

On the personal tip, I've been having my ups and downs. I think I let certain stuff get under my skin too easily. Like my horoscope suggests I just have to realize that I'm not perfect and no one is. I put a lot of pressure on myself and always prepare for the worst. I try not to give two fucks but I am human. I woke up this morning wanting to put this little blog on hiatus and delete all my accounts on other social sites. As you can see, this blog isn't going no where. I think i'm just tired of this layout. and the other part just didn't feel like posting anymore. Idk just one of those days. Not going to go into much detail cause you never know whose lurking on this thing.
I'm working on a new layout, and it'll be up soon.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday, I'm sure hoping the best for mine!


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