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The Hills season finale of season four aired tonight . I've been following this show from the beginning and after each finale I want moreee . Luckily according to Lauren, it isn't over yet .
I'm glad Spencer came to his senses with the whole wedding charade, hopefully when they decide to make their marriage legal, it's a traditional one with friends and family .
Skip all that, the season was interesting . The most interesting moment was towards the end when Audrina accused Lauren of hooking up with Justin Bobby, like
seriously how dumb can you be .
Anyone with two eyes and whose been following the show knows that a incident like that would never happen . I used to feel for Audrina when the whole house problems and drama with LO was going on but Audrina takes the title for dummy of '08
Can't wait for the new episodes , until then I'm anxious to see if Whitney's new show "The City" will amount to The Hills .

I loved Lauren and LO's fashion picks, sadly I'm not sure what Whitney
was thinking this time around.


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