020509 - Daily

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Your creativity will help you start cutting back on a few of your expenses today.
Let that friend or sweetheart know how you're feeling, even if it seems kind of dorky to open up. You've got the right kind of emotional energy to rally tap into your heart and let it shine.

Sometimes my horoscopes are sooo true , its scary .
Been slacking a bit with this blogging thing, trying to focus on other stuff .
anyway today was loooong , got done with class at 12pm - walked over to Westend got my nails done. Then headed to the mall to do some shopping.
Is it crazy that I like to shop by myself ?
like seriously, I can't be on the phone or anything I get too distracted.
Or if I'm with someone, I feel rushed.
I didn't do too much damage, my mom is being hard on me about budgeting soooo yeah .
I've realized that I hate public transportation, every time I ride the Marta its something new .
today a man made a public announcement of him needing $9 to stay at a homeless shelter
in my head I'm like " homie please sit down ".
Crazy thing is that people really dug into their pockets and cashed dude out...smh .

Long weekend ahead, supposedly no school tomorrow or Monday.
The economic crisis has hit CAU and teachers are being fired/laid-off so schedules are being changed...i'm not complaining .

No partying for me this weekend, just relaxation and chilling with the babes.
Happy Friday .


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