Never satisfied

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Another lazy Sunday , I just got in about a hour ago .
I was going to try and go to Perimeter mall, since I got caught up with something Saturday and couldn't go when my friends went, but they close at 7pm and the ride there is too long and I would be rushing.
So instead I'll try and fit it into my list of things to do tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have no classes, so I'm waking up handling some business, going to the mall, and hopefully getting my hair done.
I miss my real hair, this always happens.
When I'm rocking my own hair, I want a sew-in.
When I finally get the sew-in, I wanna wear my real hair .
I'm never satisfied !
Of course I take my cam everywhere with me , and I always try to get a decent "WDYWT" shot.
I just never upload to my comp, that same day .
Anywho, this is from Friday before I went to Little Five Points to do some shopping .
the weather in Atlanta has been nice these last couple of days, and I'm not complaining - YET .
Just wait till it gets real hot , omg !


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