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I'm sitting here bored , on the phone , stomach hurting .
Today has not been my day at all .
I'm mad tired , and I have to get up early to get a last minute vday gift and whatever else .
Now that I think about it , I'd rather not have a valentines because I'm stingy .
This will be my first time ever buying a dude anything .
Not the Vday I hoped for but it's whatever .

Surveyyyy time .

1) Do you like anyone?
I did ...

2) Are you a flirt?
some like to think so ..

3) Are you a player?
not anymore...

4) Would you get back together with any of your ex'"s?
idk ..depends..

5) Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
no .

6) Do you want a valentine?
kinder sorta..doesn't matter anymore..

7) Are you SINGLE?
yep ...

8) Do you prefer group dates or single ones?

9) Would you kiss light or makeout sessions?
light ...

10) Do you like cuddling up while watching a movie?

11) Any plans for valentines day?
not really ...

12) What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
jewelry ...

13) For a guy ?

14) What is special about the day?
the small things..then again everything...


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