I live a crazy life - daily

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ppl always down my state ( Michigan ) for being sooo cold but i'd rather deal with snow than rain.
It's been raining non stop all day .
I wanted to hit up a house party but not in this weather , hopefully It clears by tomorrow and I'm able to hit up part 2 of house party weekend .

I didn't go to the one class i have on Friday's, and I've basically been mad lazy all day .
Nothing new right ?

Today this one nigga has just made my blood boil , I get irritated too quick to deal with bitch niggas.
so you think you're going to curse me out and talk to me any kind of way , NEGATIVE .
Yes I'm from Michigan but thats where the line stops I'm not any 'ol Detroit bum bitch or spelman chick you're used to fucking with .
am I wrong for giving you the dial tone, I think not .

I'm so fed up with dudes its ridiculous , its about to warm up and I don't need the drama or stress...time to focus on Jasmine Nicole .

I'll be going back to Michigan sooner than I thought , someone passed in my family soo yeah .
I have to find out when I'm leaving but it'll probably be sometime next week which is going to be hard because next week is mid-terms.
I feel kinder bad , because while im going back home ...I'm thinking about how I get talk my mom into getting my hair done and buying me some new M.A.C make-up anddd I get to eat all my favorite foods....annnnd see my family and my best bitches .

As of now I'm waiting on my friend to get here and we're going to chill , stuff our faces and I'm going to watch him get drunk lol fun times .
Happy Freaking Friday .


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