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My Easter weekend was fun, Friday I chilled around campus because I decided to get some homework done before leaving. I procrastinate like a bitch and if I wait till the last minute to do certain things, they won't get done. I left Saturday afternoon to visit my uncle, got to his place..chilled around and caught up then he decided that he didn't feel like cooking and his friend had to go pick up his mail. So we hop on the highway, I hate that everything is at LEAST 20mins away. I think we ended up in Conyers, GA but I still don't believe that because i was told that's only 30mins frm Atlanta but i swear we were driving for at least 1hr. Finally got to the destination, mad nice neighborhood..and the homes were *gasps* lovelyyyy ! lol, no seriously I'm like damn what the hell is YOUR occupation? So we chill at this dude's house for about another hour. When we got there it was about 5pm going on 6pm. I got to my uncles at about 3pm, and I was already hungry.
So I mean their talking and telling me about their gay stories and all that funny stuff, hardy har and what not but a bitch is starving and started to get impatient.
We all were hungry so, they wrapped it up, dude walked us out and we sat in the drive-way for another 15mins talking...only thing on my mind is food.
I noticed the sun was starting to go down, and it was soo perdy
so I took a few pics of myself :)..damn I need a camera!

Anyway, we finally leave and head to Golden Corral..this took another 1hr/30mins .
The first one we went to the line was out the door, so we had to drive another what 15mins to the next there at like 9pm and I was satisfied.

I never blog this much about days events lol so to wrap this up, I ate myself into a coma !
Usually when I go to buffet restaurants, it's a waste of money because I have like two plates and I'm full. NOT this time, I had THREE lol and it hurt to even breathe .
I will never eat that much in my life ...well no time soon anyway .

Overall it was fun, I've never heard the word "bitch" and "dick" thrown around so much in my life.
and they were flirting with the waiter, to where this fool took a break, got him a plate and sat down next to us. I've realized one disadvantage of hanging around gay males, they're checking out the same dude you checking out, like the fuck ? lol .

& now I have a place to stay over the summer, If I do get a job here .
I didn't even have to ask, he offered so I'm happy about that .

peace <3


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