Hump Wednesday

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The week is almost over, and these are the random things floating through my head.

- One day till my birthday.
- Today was fun
- I have a banging ass headache
- No more classes, no more art projects, YES !
- I so badly wanna go out tonight, but I guess not
- "It ain't tricking if you got it "
- My mom after cursing me out, blessed my bank account so I guess my bday won't be so bad after all.
- I need a digi cam, bad.
- I need to go spring/summer shopping asap.
- I have a job interview Friday, yes another one and I hope I get the job.
- Rick Ross is the shit, and fuck you if you think otherwise.
- CAU is where it's at, school is mad expensive but its a great big family lol.
- I'm starting to understand the hype about the yeezy's but then again I don't.
- "you don't know nann ho", remember the old Trina ?

Mullage, performing "Trick'n"


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