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So I decided not to be lazy, while I've listened to this mixtape Dizzyana "no hooks" about 3 times all the way through I thought why not write a review and promote a bit.
I don't know who to compare Dizzy's music to, maybe that's a good thing .
some of his songs put me in the mind of The Cool Kids "Got Her Sweet"
( that's my shit! )while others songs.. the sound is just...him.
To get to the point, mixtape is hot shit . I'm not just saying that because I read his blog either.
I can listen to it from beginning to end, no I don't just like the beats..I can actually listen and create a visual in my mind and understand the purpose behind the lyrics.

favorite's as of now are
  • - Successful
  • - The Come Up
  • - Runnin'
"The number has shrunken on the folks that I'm cool with the bigger the number the more foolishness !" - amen lol .
  • - Pussy Money Weed
  • - Move If You Want to

need I continue.....

one thing you'll know by the end of this mixtape is that this dude does not like skinny jeans, on dudes i'm guessin lol .

download the mixtape here.


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