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Just Got Paid - Johnny Kemp

I can still listen to this song, and enjoy it like it was just released .
When i'm at parties and they have there lil "old school" session, this is played ..
whether its friday or not lol.
So today is "Good Friday", no classes .
I'm just going to chill around, work on this art project and get some other work out of the way .
I was going to go visit and hang with my cousin, but i'm going to go in the morning.
If I wait any longer to do this project it won't get done.
I'm trying to have the majority of my work out of the way, before the last week of school.
So for my birthday weekend, I have no school related stress.
Went out last night, after being irritated and trying to avoid entering bitch mode on this one nigga..things finally worked out and we ended up at Frequency in underground which is the club I suggested in the first place...but nooo they just had to be different.
It was a PJ & Lingere party, and it's weird because I don't usually care for too much attention my way when it comes to my body, but last night I didn't care ..and the appletini sure as hell made it 2x's easier to not care...I didn't wear lingere, just the usual boy shorts and vs pink tee .
It was HOT as hell in there, you know its hot when you're sweating and you're just standing there..overrall I had fun .

gonna force myself to do this project .
peace <3


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