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IDK Why I'm up at 8am, blogging let alone on the laptop.
I haven't been to sleep at all.
I had been hearing a lot about a new SK LX and
I finally found legit info on it the other day and I wasn't impressed.
I remember when the talk was that a touchscreen SK LX was coming out, doubted it.

Came across this on Nitrolicious, and damn near fainted.
IT'S PURPLE !!! well more like Orchid finish but whatever.
Just when I was tired of my sidekick, I found new reason to stick with it.
The improvements and new features excite me, but what I really wanna know is when are sk's going to be able to use ringtones not bought in the catalog.
That's really the biggest dislike I have
regarding my phone right now.

Available at select stores and online May 13th, 2009

More info and pic- Nitrolicious


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