The Real World : Brooklyn

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I haven't watched a full season of "The Real World" in forever .
I caught the preview of the new season a while back and it sparked my interest .
It premiered tonight , and I can see myself staying tuned for the whole season.
Most of the cast seems cool and laid back , for now .
Ryan is funny , It looks as if he plans on being the asshole of this season .
of course you have your one black person , smh .
and am I the only one wondering if Sarah could of previously been a man herself , she has hard facial features.

I finally saw the first episode of "Daddy's Girl's" its decent , they seem a bit dull and their cousin seems mad annoying and as if she's trying too hard . As for Angela and the ring situation , I sure as hell would pawn it .

And as for "The City" it doesn't compare at all to "The Hills" .


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