New layout

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Isn't this just so girly and mushy , lmao .
Beneath the mean mug , vulgar tee's and laid back sarcastic
bitch attitude - I'm a damn bad ass girly girl .
I Was tired of the other layout , and Vday is right around the calendar so why not .
Erm what else , well today I've been lazy for the most part .
I swear it's impossible to have a day/night to yourself at times.. so last night I ended up going to a house party , omg I felt like NY was taking over. During the beginning all they played was music to get lite to. It was then that I realized I was at a tri-state house party.
Eventually they took it to the south and played the usual .
Didn't last long because, it was crowded and a fight broke out .
Mind you this was all in a apartment, so it was elbow to elbow .
It was fun nonetheless, can't wait to see what tonight has in store.
714 ? or the kappa party ?
who knows !


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