The Bad Girls Club

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I'm slacking , but lately I've been working on my personal blog and getting that up and running . If we're cool , then you know what that is .
I love the viewers of this blog, and I hope they continue to visit. Although I'm sure there are some lurkers who are just being nosey .
so there goes this being 50 percent personal ..
anyway , while watching "The Bad Girls Club" I couldn't help but get annoyed with Kayla .
Like seriously the female has problems , in the beginning I thought she would be my favorite and the cool one but hell no . Her moods are up and down , and I understand how on tonight's episode Tiff was fed up with her shit. What really got me was the whole light skin vs. dark skin conversation . Being a dark skin female , I've heard all the bullshit and crazy comments but still have yet to hear a non ignorant conversation of the issue . I understand Kayla'a boyfriend done fucked up her mental when it comes to her complexion but I never even considered her to be dark skin, maybe it's just me but she needs to get over herself. It's funny how she was so a bit hush when Tiffany was going chi-town on that ass .


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