011409 - Daily

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So I'm back in Atlanta , while I'm glad to be back . I wasn't has anxious to leave as I thought I would be . The day before I left was hectic, spent the whole day at the hair salon and the rest of the night until the early morning chilling with my best bitches.

Today was the first day of classes, and I was absent . I wasn't enrolled and registered until earlier today , so my first day will be tomorrow . I'm sure I didn't miss much, all I know is that its focus timeee . Today is blah , mainly chilling around , and taking care of last minute situations.
A few people have been hitting me up nonstop to chill so I might take them up on the offer .
My roommate isn't back yet , and due to the fact that this dorm room is mad small, it feels good to have it to myself for a few days .

of course like the rest of the world , I watched American Idol last night . I never watch it past the auditions. Last night the worst of the worst came out . What in the world are these people thinking ?
The man with the deep voice, dude with the guitar , bikini girl , and the overly nervous dude ...nothing but comedy .


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