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So last night was the first and probably not the last of me clubbing on a Sunday .
At least I wasn't alone , A promotion team around the AUC threw a party at Dreamz and although at the beginning , I was straight irritated...line was mad long so although I didn't want to.. I said fuck it and jumped in VIP. Which was bullshit , because for it to be VIP, it sure as hell wasn't moving fast . Throughout the night , I thought I wasted my money but eventually towards the end I started stankin' leggin and having fun lmao . I'm cutting back though , at least until I get a job , I don't do lines, so the only other option is VIP which I refuse to continue to pay for .

So BET was there , it's supposed to air on tv i guess .
Toccarra ( however you spell her name ) was there and oh em gee , all I'll say is she looked better before she lost weight .

and I heard a song that gets me going in the club last night too , its some st.louis wahh wahh wahh shit lmao i don't i know it gets me going in the club tho .
RACHET ASS HOOO wahh wahh wahh
and wtf now that I think about it , they didn't play whoop rico , :(

For tomorrow most professors cancelled class , well I know my art class is.. and the only other class I have is seminar which hopefully is cancelled , because I'm not going if it isn't .
So far , I'm content on my schedule and classes , I haven't went to seminar yet so I have yet to see what that's about . I have to rack up on dough , because I have to buy mad art supplies and books..ahh this sucks .
I wish I could just live lavish and shop my ass off with no worries..but don't we all .


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