Nothing Wrong With Believing

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People always wonder why I believe in astrology and horoscopes and the reason is because they always turn out to be true when it comes to my life.

People have let you down, but don't let it disillusion you.
Try your best to still see the good!

Lately the above has been the case and I still try to give the person doing me dirty the benefit of the doubt. People always label me as mean, rude, bitch,stuck up and I think I'm a pretty nice individual. I admit that I'll curse you out in a heart beat and my tone may come off as careless and or sarcastic but I can't help that . This previous week and its events has me fed up with people in general. possesive and needy female friends, and bitch made niggas. I've been through and put up with a lot of shit that back home wouldn't have even had a chance with me. I've realized that I must return to my old ways, and not give a fuck.

On a lighter note, I watched Last House on the Left yesterday and it was a good movie.
[ spoiler ] I was so happy when the girl crawled out of the water, and tell me those parents weren't gangsterrr . I probably would of reacted and did the same thing .

What the hell is up with this weather, I kid not its been raining for what four days, and as you can see above it doesn't plan on letting up anytime soon. At least the weather will be nice for Monday, Day26 is supposed to be having a meet & greet here. I'm not big fans of them, but I watch MTB4 and this last episode was a mix of sad & straight comedy. I really think something is wrong with Que's mental . Its going to be hard for me to look at them and not burst into laughter.

I have a banging headache, so it's bedtime for moi...peace <3


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