I can't sleep

posted under , by Jasmine Nicole
but who could after being robbed ? Tonight was supposed to be mad fun , clubbing with my girls and who knows what after wards. I have a banging headache, due to the fact that I didn't just hand my shit over and started fighting with dude and he punched the SHIT out of me lmao .
I don't know if I'm mad about being robbed, the fact that my my coat , id's, credit cards, camera, M.A.C make-up / lipgloss, keys and whatever else got stole or just that fact that I feel mad violated..and its funny how you realize whose really there for you when shit like this happens . I mean I don't expect you to drop everything and come to my rescue but DAMN at least answer your phone . & then ppl had the nerve to still ask if we were
coming to the club...like THE FUCK ?
homie i just got robbed , who can concentrate on clubbing right now let alone I have not one proof of identification to get into a club...then we sit at the police station for two hours not even the atl police station but the MARTA station..this has just been one horrible night .

I'm heading back to Michigan on Saturday, hopefully I need to get
some type of id to even get on the plane .


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