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I just caught up on the tv show "The Game", and the finale was a good one.
I'm sad that the CW has decided to cancel the show.
I rarely watch sitcoms/ tv shows.
I didn't start watching "The Game" till one night I caught re-runs
on BET and got hooked. I've been reading around about how BET or
TBS might pick it up or the idea has been thrown at them.
Either way it goes, i'm glad the show lasted as long as it did.
As for how it ended,
  • Happy to see Tasha and Rick back together.
  • What Tasha did was wrong, but I don't think Kelly had a react the way she did.
  • Melanie and Derwin are cute, but I didn't agree with the whole wanting to be "first."
  • ...I don't think I could look past the situations Derwin put Melanie in, personally I would of been left his ass.
  • Malik and Tasha are too funny.
It was interesting while it lasted.


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