Flashback; B2K

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Remember the days when guy groups were actually hot and had
a chance in the music business?
eeehh me either.
I admit, I was one of those crazy in love teenagers for B2K.
Who wasn't?
If I'm not mistaken, b2k was my second ever concert. Immature was my first, IMX for the young ones. My favorite was Jboog, of course. He's still good looking, even with all those kids lol.
Anyway, this flashback was brought on due to coming across Raz B's twitter.
Which still shows he hanging on to his B2K days hence the name Razb2k, smh.
Tweeted a couple days, he said..

"i love Marques houston chris stokes and omari were family! cant wait to do a B2K record. maybe one day we all top fightiing it will be one."

It sucks, because I'm sure another B2K record will never happen, Omarion has said so and seems to be sticking with it.
Hopefully one day they all can reunite, and put the drama behind them.


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