Sound Check; Treal Lee, Prince Rick & Mr. Hit Dat Hoe

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"ayy i keep a fresh pair of g-nikes, 501's up on my ass.
Lil mama what it be like, wooahh get off me now."

I came across these dudes while watching youtube videos, and I like their music.
A lot of people may be too distracted like I was at first glance by their appearance. Mr. Hit Dat hoe, rocks a gold strip throughout his head, Treal Lee has some gumbi type haircut, and well Prince Rick lets just say braids & beads.
Their from Dallas, TX like a lot of other rappers and groups making way in '09.
Although a lot of people may not accept this as music, with songs like "Bad Lil Braud", "Get Off Me Now", and "Mr. Hit That Hoe" the group proves that their no one hit wonder.
I'm sure it won't be long, before they have a video on 106 & park, like the rest.

Check out their Myspace and Youtube Channel.


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