BET SHOWS; Tiny & Toya and then some

posted under , , by Jasmine Nicole
So I know I'm not the only one who has seen the non stop commercials of the new BET summer/fall line up of shows. The only one I will probably watch is Tiny & Toya, I'm not even going to hate on the two. The only negative I have is I don't understand why BET couldn't pick up The Game, but they have a list of hot ghetto mess type shows coming out.
I'll probably also tune into Frankie and Neffe's(sp) show. It's all entertainment to me.
I will say this from watching the sneak peek show, I give props to Tiny she's been through a lot with T.I and putting her career on hold. Yes she might come off as ghetto, or just a baby momma but no one knows what goes on with these people behind closed doors. I'm tired of people saying she's ugly, she's a gold digger, they'll never get married, T.I can do better. This, that, and the third. T.I isn't fine as wine himself, trust me I've seen him in person. He's cute and all but nothing to cream over. I think Tiny works for him, and she seems like a cool down to earth female. If she chooses to glamorize and show off how she's living then that's on her. As far as the Toya chick, I don't know her, never really heard of her until now. I just hope the show isn't surrounded around how she can't get over Lil Wayne, cause hunny he's been over you obviously and how many years has it been? I'm just sayinnnng!
I'm sure we all know what to expect from Frankie and Neffie, the same craziness as "The Way It Is."


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