BET Awards; Brief Review

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So I'm going to make this short and sweet, I have a headache and I think its due to BET.
Lol, no seriously for some reason earlier I was excited for the show, and what BET would put together in tribute to Michael Jackson. I won't say BET disappointed, because for everything to be such last minute and short notice they did good. However I think they knew everyone was expecting so much in regards to Michael Jackson that the entire showed turned into "Michael Jackson." I think either they should of did a entire separate tribute show for him, or did one big performance and kept it to moving. It was just too much and some what busy. You didn't know what to expect, which is a good thing. Although there were mad rumors about who was supposed to perform or make a appearance, overall it made me dizzy.
I think Letoya did good on the pre-show! Matthew Knowles needs to get over himself.
Keyshia & Monica were good, although it seemed as if Monica outshone Keyshia on her own song. Seeing Monica perform, I can officially say Its time and I'm ready for a new Monica Album.
Jamie was a good host, and I don't think anyone could of hosted better.
Beyonce's performance was nice, I don't understand the whole wedding dress costume but overall she did good. A lot of people were thrown off and thought she would of performed a upbeat song like "Single Ladies" or "Diva" hell it would of been nice for her and Kayne to get together and do "Ego."
Tyrese, Trey Songz, and Johnny Gill's performance was nice.
Ne-Yo really killed it tonight as well, I guess him having his hat off during most of the show, showed his respect for Michael.
Lastly, Janet coming out made me realize that Michael is actually gone.

That's basically it, I'm tightt Rick Ross didn't win as well as Jazmine Sullivan.
I was hoping to see Chris Brown and JT, but eehh.
I'm not going to even get into the negatives of the show, I'm sure there as been enough of that on other blogs/sites and twittah. If I missed anything, well it wasn't much to mention.


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