Rest In Peace; Michael Jackson

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August 29, 1958–June 25, 2009
Rest in Peace

This is so unexpected, especially because he was only 50.
It's crazy, and best wishes to his family.
The only thing I will touch on is that I see 23192302 tweets and facebook statuses about how he was so loved and an inspiration and all that good stuff. When these same people were the ones labeling him a molester and pedophile. The sames ones who claimed he "lost it." The same ones ones who said he was a tree climber and had lost all his marbles. Of course everyone prefers the "black" Michael, but he's still a great artist, black or white. I just hope that he went in peace, he's been through a lot wheter it be personal or regarding him as an artist.
He's for sure earned his title as "King of Pop."


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