Agree to Disagree

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I love giving my opinions on things or commenting on others opinions. Whether I'm right or wrong, its simply my opinion; usually I am right. Anyway, I have a select few blogspots that I visit and Dizzy's is one of them I can relate to most of his blogs and he speaks the truth, however I disagree to agree on this.

"Fade off? Yes, some women only want some men to see if they can get them. "

Men are the same way, because what happens when a dude is shot down. "fuck you bitch, you ugly anyway." The difference between males and females is that women may take a second to actually question if she can get the dude which leads to the chase. While men automatically think they have a chance with any female and that their shit doesn't stink.

"I know pretty women who don't respond well to compliments because their not use to it and they often question their looks because a man hasn't stroked their ego enough."

WTF??, that's a first I think when females don't believe in their looks or the compliments they receive its usually deeper than that, I know from experience. Usually they already have self esteem problems or low self confidence, might have suffered from abuse or anything of that nature. Idk about others but I could care less if a dude strokes my ego.

"A woman might get treated like a princess by guy A and like a piece of shit to guy B but she dates guy B because guy A is more like a "friend."

I totally agree on that one, It's a female thing [ shrugs ].

"How many of my woman followers has kicked it with a guy they was interested in while their hair wasn't done, on their period, nails wasn't done, or just felt ugly? NONE"

Lol, I understand his point, but like I will probably forever say.
Not all women are alike, and once AGAIN if a female feels like she needs to impress or always be dolled up to chill around a dude something is wrong with her deep inside. I mean there have been times where, I won't chill with a dude if my hair is a mess. Maybe even if its that time of the month. Usually its personal and has nothing to do with him. And dudes are so quick to throw the "pms" word out there, what female wants to hear that when their cramping like a motherfucker, which leads to arguments and more.
Lastly, a female only does what she believes is right. Yes some dudes don't care what a female looks like while their chilling, as long as when its time to step out she has her shit together. Then again, dudes have a set standard of females. They watch music videos, listen to lyrics and assume that they deserve a video model type chick. Not all males are a like, but a lot are.
and are quick to bounce if the female isn't to their liking.
Because there is always someone out there better than the last, right?
which then leaves a female wondering, what they did wrong, and how to fix and improve the problem.

This is long, and I'm starting to jump all over the place.
Dizzy made a lot of good points that I agree on but these are my opinions and simply that.
Real enough for you?
feel me ?


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