I'd Like to File A Complaint

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"The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be, It's being content with who we are."

Do you complain a lot ?
It's come to my attention that people hate to complain.
I think its a natural thing because no matter the situation, its always a "but" about something.
For example, when it was raining non-stop, people complained about that; they wanted summer.
Now that it's hot as hell, and summer is showing its ass people want to complain its too hot.

For fathers day, went out to dinner and got stuck next to a table full of ppl who thought they knew everything regarding social networks, such as facebook and twitter and how evil the sites are. Which brings me to another thing, I never understood people who bash social sites but continue to use them. The hell? delete your account, block it, hell do something and shut the fuck up. No one puts a gun to your head. For example Twitter, a lot of ppl complain its pointless and this and that but they still use it faithfully, whyy? It's too much hype, blah blah. When in all actuality twitter is mad old and wouldn't be such a big deal if people didn't make it out to be.

This is my opinion, while it may sound like a complaint...it is.
Nothing is wrong with complaining, but when you become excessive with it and do nothing about whatever it is you're bitching about then you can't complain to anyone but yourself.
oh and remember while you're complaining about social networks, there's someone in this world who doesn't even own a computer.

peace <3


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