Saturday Adventure

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So I'm finally moved out of my dorm, and it feels good .
I didn't think I would be able to blog but I'm jacking someone's wireless for the time being.
I set out on an adventure yesterday to Krogers, on foot with sandals on smh.
It was refreshing minus the fact that I almost fell twice, lol.
I haven't bought a magazine in years, I used to have a subscription to NYLON and I missed the offer when it came around again. I picked up the May "Young Hollywood" issue and it's love so far :) . Whenever I get some extra cash I'm going to subscribe again, because I refuse to pay $5 every month when its cheaper to get like 10 for a year. I wanted the VIBE because Rihanna (a inspiration of mine) was on the cover but that thin shit for $6, I think not.
Can you tell I'm cheap ? lol.


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