I'm Still Alive

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So it's been a while since I last blogged and since then...

  • Freshman year of college is officially over.
  • I'm still on the job hunt.
  • I'm in like with him
  • T-mobile can kiss my ass, my balance is now $0.00, sigh of relief.
  • Celeb nudes have been released
  • The e-world found out Chris Brown wears draws on his head.
  • I've realized that I wouldn't mind a pair of yeezy's.
  • Oprah treated everyone to KFC, such madness.
  • The swine flu has come extremely too close for comfort, Atlanta area.
  • I've been 19 for 9 days and I feel the same.
  • I'm anxious to see my final grades, and gpa..drumroll.
I'll be back on my blogging shit, from now on. Well maybe not, for the upcoming week I won't have internet access due to living arrangements. So far it looks like I'll be back in Michigan for the summer. It sucks, but I doubt I'll find a job by the 15th. Doesn't mean I've stopped the hunt, i'm just content with how things will probably end up. The benefits of going back home are greater than staying here, so I guess it won't be so bad.

New layout, still adding and tweaking things. I hate how the categories are listed
on the side, that has to go asap.


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