Sound Check; Pink Dollaz

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Like I stated before, I'll listen to anything at least once.
I came across this group "Pink Dollaz" a couple months ago, when the
whole "jerk" movement was coming to light. Some may say they're nothing but bubble gum rappers, or females who won't ever make it pass a one hit wonder.
Unlike some, I never bash or judge female rappers.
With the exception of foxy, i've never been fond of her.
I support 'em, because we don't have many in hip hop/music period.
The six member group consist of; Nilla, Resse, Mocha, CeCe, Cammy B., and JJ.
The group name "Pink Dollaz" is inspired by the groups personalities, "Pink represents our girly side & dollaz represent the money we love & get. We stay turnt, were a lot fun, were out going, fashion freaks, classy, intelligent ladies."

My fav songs by them; Never Hungry & I'm Tasty Remix


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