It's the first of the month..

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wake up, wake up!
It's been a minute since I posted about myself and what's been up with me.
Mainly because I've been trying to give the lurkers and faithful visitors what they ask for.
I had two polls going on the side, and as for me creating templates..i'll try to put up a couple through out the month. I won't make any promises, being that as I was changing my layout around and dealing with all the coding and shit, I realized I don't have the patience. I mean its coo, blogspot isn't shit compared to making a complete website from scratch with wordpress. Which is why I rarely update my personal site.

Anyway if we're cool, and you're in desperate need just hit me up with a request. As for site content, thanks to all who voted it was good to get input. Seems like the majority want to see more "fashion" post, i've taken it into consideration.
It's almost 3am, and Idk why I'm not asleep. I've been working on this layout on and off all day, and wanted to get it up before I went to bed. I didn't think that maybe some ppl may not be too fond of seeing my husbands body all exposed and what not, oh well.
Oh and does the font bother anyone?
It's different, i like it. reminds me of my handwriting...
click [read more] to read full post, and click pics to see full size..for the slow ones.

Nothing too post worthy has been going on with me, I have a job now.
Although I don't count it, because It doesn't involve too many hours.
Money is money so I can't complain.
Still frustrated and looking for a second job, I won't be able to
make it all summer financially with just one.
I need to save up for my return to ATL, and feed my shopping addiction!
Me & the babe are good, i guess.
the distance is hard for both of us, but we manage.
We're not official, so i'm not expecting him to just talk to me and vice versa.
Yesterday was actually his bday and it sucked not to be able to spend it with him.
I'd only known him for a day, and he spent my whole bday with me, so yeah I feel bad.

soo yeah its the beginning of a new month, and i need to wake up and get my shit together.
I plan to kick it off by getting my permit, within the next week or so.
I'm 19, with no license..don't ask!

aaight, i'm going to bed .
peace ♥


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