i'm back .

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so, i couldn't stay away from the blogging scene for too long. This is a downgrade, seriously I went from my own domain and wordpress to this ...lol it's cool though I think I can get used to it .
Quick run down on my life and how its changed since I relocated .
I've been in Atlanta for 2 months now almost three , and I love it .
While it sucks not having a car, I've gotten used to the MARTA transit lol .
I miss my family at times, and even my small as town that seems so behind in time.
I've met cool people and I've met some who aren't quite so cool
( like the bum that stole my kick of joy * sk lx geez I'm still sick about that )
Party life has gotten so much better, back home my friends would have to drag me out of my bed .
Now I feel weird if I don't party at least two times a week , the parties here are nothing at all like the ones back home.
Enough about that , all in all things are going good and I hope they continue to be that way .

*This weekend has been a bore, its the first where both my Friday and Saturday consisted of absolutely NOTHING .

I'm sure everyone with a internet connection has heard about the tragedy that Jen Hudson has been faced with .
The situation is extremely sad, and my prayers go out to her and her family .


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